it is what it is....

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it is what it is....

Postby Peter Kropotkin » Tue Aug 04, 2020 6:38 pm

we have confirmed covid-19 cases of 4.8 million people with
over 158,000 deaths including over 500 deaths today alone.....

it is this complete and utter failure of this president to
act that has lead to America being number one in
both number of cases and number of deaths in the world.....

now some claim that millions have been saved by the actions of this
president but that is a lie because of the numbers... how do
you know that Millions were saved? you have no idea, it is nothing
more then a guess....and I can guess differently...
but wait, I don't have to guess....

I can tell you the exact number of infected people in America
and the number of deaths that IQ45 will not take any
responsibility for....because it is what it is... or so he
said during an interview yesterday.....

"it is what it is" isn't a statement of responsibility
nor is it a statement of remorse or guilt about causing
over 150,000 American deaths by one's own inaction and
one's own incompetence.....

IQ45 has tried to blame just about everyone else on planet earth to
to escape his responsibility for the deaths of over 150,000 Americans....

a real president, a real man, would take responsibility for his actions
and his inactions.... but IQ45 is child and wouldn't take responsibility
for any of his actions...

those of you who argue that Biden shouldn't be president ought
to have to explain to us why we shouldn't send IQ45 to jail
for his negligence in his response to the pandemic.....

why should we reelect a president, who with his inactions,
killed over 150,000 Americans?

you have to explain to us why we should reelect IQ45 given his
complete failure in his response to the pandemic...

this has nothing to do with Obama or Hillary or Biden or China....

explain how you can defend a president, who by his inactions,
has killed over 150,000 Americans?

please feel free to defend a mass murderer.......

"Those who sacrifice liberty for security
wind up with neither."
"Ben Franklin"
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