The hatred of government

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The hatred of government

Postby Serendipper » Thu Mar 07, 2019 12:24 am

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It's been astonishing over the past 50 years, picking up in the past 20 years, and one of its goals is to demonize government. They want people to hate government. Now it's not because they don't, remember they are the tools and tyrants of government and they intend that to continue, so they want the government to continue pouring money into their pockets, so they got a big powerful government, on the other hand it's very good idea to get people to hate government.

Why? Well you know there's plenty of things that the government does that are pretty awful and that you'd like to hate, but that's not why they want you to hate government. They want you to hate government for two reasons: one is because government is the shadow cast by business over society, and it's better to have people look at the shadow, not the substance, so don't hate the fortune 500 you know, hate government; hate the tool, not the tyrant, you know.

The the other reason is that government has a flaw: it's potentially democratic. Potentially it can be influenced by people, and we even know how to do it, and it does work. So there are ways for people to participate in some fashion in effecting and influencing governmental decisions and that's a serious flaw: if power shifts over into the hands of private tyrannies, which are totally unaccountable and are basically totalitarian institutions, it's perfect, then there's no way for the public to do a thing. Like, you can't, we can't make any decisions about GE policy. And we can't organize to do anything about it, except you know, very indirectly.

Like, even in a totalitarian state you can influence policies by disruption, you know, all sorts of things, but there's no mechanism for doing it with these tyrannical organizations, and that's long been understood. In fact, even their roots come out of the same background as Bolshevism and fascism, if you look at it. And if power can be shifted over into their hands, we're home free, you know. Then there is no threat of democracy.

That's a large part, I think, the main part of the purpose of getting what's called, you know, "evolution": moving power from the federal government down to the state government. I mean, the federal government is basically the shadow of big business, but state governments are even the shadow of middle sized business; they're very easily manipulated by private power, a lot more than the federal government. So therefore if you can get decision, you get block grants down to the states, you know, they're going to be so controlled by local business interests that money is going to end up in the pockets of rich people.

So, essentially he's saying the idea is to convince people to hate government and view corporations as victims of government for the purpose of giving people direction for their anger for what the corporations are doing to the people in the first place, which is stealing their money.

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