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Postby lordoflight » Sat Jan 05, 2019 12:42 am

Bullyhunters is a lulzworthy meme where an elite group of Feminist gamers police counter strike and monitor anyone who makes hateful comments. The Feminist team of CT will engage the enemy and destroy the enemy team specifically the most bulliest of bullies on the enemy team, most likely with an AWP.

If this didn't sound lulzworthy enough, it gets even more lulzworthy, Bullyhunters was an elaborate scheme and hoax with fake footage, it was all a ruse to just sell brand name headsets for games, all of the bullies were rigged and fake. ABC news didn't seem to get the punchline, thinking it was a real thing, and went on a sickening feminist tirade about "wamens" rights.

ABC news goes on to say that "sexual harassment can be damaging to wamens minds and wamens depression in the business sector can be really damaging." Thankyou capt. obvious... apparently if you are born male you are expected to be sexually harassed and bullied by other males and they don't even give the slightest shit about male depression, all we have to hear about is wamen's issues over and over...meanwhile males can get bullied online and litterally noone gives a shit except about the poor wamen's...if you are born male you are litterally nothing to these people...bullyhunters stated they will not even fight for male victims...not that it matters because it was fraud to begin with.

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