My Little Pony Utopia vs. Mouse Dystopia

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My Little Pony Utopia vs. Mouse Dystopia

Postby lordoflight » Thu Dec 13, 2018 9:11 pm

First My Little Pony is a small pagan german town with small population. Outside the town is giant greek beasts and monsters. There is a city called Manehatten. In it the people are assholes and either hyper motivated or demotivated.

Before continuing, please listen to this creepy Metroid music to give an atmosphere. ... 04&index=8
John C. Calhouns mouse experiement.

First there were 2 mice, then there were four.

Next, there were 7, then 14, then 23.

Next there were a hundred, then 2 hundred.

At the beginning, with only a hundred or so mice, it was a utopia. The mice were immune to disease. They all lived in happy little homes, with no quarrel

Next, there were four hundred, maybe a thousand.

Then even more.

The wealth was no longer equal, some families had more food than others. They did not share. But then, things got even worse.

The population grew larger and larger, until it could grow no faster.

There were new forms of mice, males, unloved, who were rejected from society and deserted. These males retreated from the world, fighting amongst each other.

The sickness grew.

There were now an elite group of mice, the Beautiful Ones, who were asexual, gazing upon their own reflection. They had no friends, growing fatter each minute. Easily disturbed, refusing to listen to outside opinions, and unable to socialize with the other mice.

Things started to go downhill.

The violence started to spread, until there was not a single mouse who was not scarred and bitten.

Eventually, they all became extinct, and not one mouse was left.

Thus ends, the story of the mice.
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