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Re: Thank God for the Free Press

Postby WW_III_ANGRY » Mon Dec 03, 2018 8:10 pm

lordoflight wrote:
There is a Judeo Christian disease and Infection in america. I have yet to determine the extent of the role of the jews. I know for a fact that whites are also to blame. Therefore the depth of the zionist conspiracy is irrelevant, since I know for a fact white people are also to blame. Therefore the jews are a side issue, since whites cannot be trusted, whites already infected by the disease, therefore the depth of involvement of the jews is somewhat irrelevant.

Some say 90% of american politicians and media are ran by jews...I don't know if its true or not.

Yeah I don't really care about the fascist neo nazi propaganda you've been exposed to and you wrestling in your mind whether to buy into it or not.

lordoflight wrote:I know for a fact though that Fake news is fake I don't know what to believe, what I believe is that there is a deep evil going on in america, its not just trump, but democrats as well... American is collapsing and both democrats and republicans are to blame...
lordoflight wrote:
Uh yeah, obviously fake news would be fake, that's a tautology. Most of it is coming out of bizarre right wing websites with no credibility, you're living in the age of lying hate filled propaganda and its not the MSM that's peddling it.
lordoflight wrote:As for the news being fake, I know first hand, stories they printed of people close to me, distorting the truth while making the story believable, giving it their personal bias and agenda, changing a few facts here and there, unnoticed since they keep most of the story true to the facts except for some key things here and there...still injecting their own personal feelings and emotions to give the story their own bias...

Your exposure to propaganda and the popular hate the media stance is telling here, you assume, let me make it clear, assume that these incorrect reports are nefarious and with malicious intent or so. Don't assume that the media is perfect and hold them to a perfect standard then throw the baby out with the bath water. What's real is the media is getting us the news and will correct as needed, otherwise someone will be sure to scoop them if there's a falsehood reported. The industry and free market of the press works itself out that way. Not fake news though, not the bullshit you're reading.
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