last nights election

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last nights election

Postby Peter Kropotkin » Wed Nov 05, 2014 3:16 pm

After seeing the results of last night election, (it is 6:00 in the morning California time and so some
elections are still up in the air) Here is what I see. It was not the best of nights for democrats but
it wasn't the worst of nights. The takeaway here is a couple of things. One: if the GOP can't win this
election, they will never win another election again. This was tailor made for the GOP to win due to
the way it unfolded. Midterms election, with mostly demo's seats for grab and few GOP up for election.
I totally expected the GOP to keep the house and win the senate with about the margins that seems
to be coming up, so no surprise there. the local elections were a bit of a disappointment but that happens
sometimes. I had higher hopes for the local elections such as governors and the like, but shit happens.
So what happened? I would say two factors played into it, one: the Democrats failed in providing
a narrative for voters. They needed to much more play up the economic growth of the last
6 years by comparing it to the bush years. The second failure was to get out the vote.
This is what happens if the seniors are a big factor in voting, they vote GOP for the most part
and the youth in percentage dropped from the last election. So we failed to provide a narrative,
a reason, to vote dem's and we failed to get out the vote. So in the end, it was the dem's who lost
the election rather then the GOP winning the election and that makes a difference. Because
each election is a learning experience and hopefully we learned that we must create a narrative
for voters and we must get out the vote which carries the voting beyond the usual theft of the GOP
in terms of stealing elections. North Carolina, I am looking at you.

In terms of the bigger picture, I would say, this doesn't help the GOP in any meaningful way.
The reason is simple, the GOP doesn't stand for anything outside of cutting taxes.
the GOP will waste the next two years on really stupid things because that is what they do.
I foresee at least one impeachment attempt in the next six months and two government shutdowns
in the next year with another 50 plus attempts to take out obamacare. The party of no can only say no,
it has nothing positive to add to the American discourse and so it will spend the next two years
doing what the GOP does best, which is obstruct and say no.

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