Argentina Addicted to Defaulting

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Argentina Addicted to Defaulting

Postby The Golden Turd » Fri Aug 01, 2014 1:47 am

I'm impressed how quickly Argentina seemed to of modernized, then seized up over itself and started shitting on everything it has.

It has decided to sue the US because it doesn't want to pay off it's own debt it contracted willfully... and voluntarily defaulted to make some banal marxist point, thinking the market would react compassionately to its bullshit maneuver.

It failed horribly, thought it could bully America in our own court system.... that Argentina was special and above the laws we hold ourselves to, and has fled like a crackhead to the International Court of Justice, that has literally zero legal standings here. This is from a country that invaded the fuck out of the Fauklands because they thought they had some imperial right to just steal territory that was neither populated nor belonged to them in any shape or form.

Argentina will continue to decline, decline, decline.... perhaps it should nationalize itself and beat itself upside the head with a stick.

If you are a banana republic socialist country, only sell bonds in your own country, and limit who can buy them, perferably only to your own useful idiots/citizens. Fund your own wealth, within your own crazy laws..... nobody will stop you.

When you get entangled in these foreign currency speculation enterprises, with foreign investors..... they are buying on your future ability to pay.... they are liquid, tradable assets in their own right.... they are going to roam the international markets. Buy and sell, volatility kinda stuff.

Volitility + ¿Socialismo? = Shitstorm..... fucking morons.

I don't use credit, or contract debt. At worst, my ass is broke, not impoverished in massive debt. I don't accept alot about capitalism, but I don't go running up stupid debts and act shock and amazed when people want their payments made.

Even the US got its debt degraded. Argentina is totally fucked, the US court system will not recognize any judgment made by it, and they (either the US Supreme Court or International Court) can possibly do squat to reverse Argentina's willful economic collapse.... they don't control the international rating system..... if they tried, it would backfire, and investors in europe, asia, africa, south america will degrade them again for further trying to dodge its lawfully contracted debts.

Argentina fucked itself spectacularly, next time, think your debt out before you contract it. If your debtors are foreign, and don't agree to loosening your obligations, and you default, you only fucked yourself.
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