Are There Lessons Learned From Tragic Death?

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Are There Lessons Learned From Tragic Death?

Postby The Golden Turd » Wed Jul 09, 2014 10:48 am ... g-contest/

A man in South Dakota, sadly, has managed to die during a hotdog eating contest.....

I am uncertain how he died. May have exploded. Or choked. If he choked, maybe a skilled paramedic could of been on scene, and done the Heimlich......but to no avail, for nothing but a stream of endless hotdogs would of erupted out, each pne replacing the other, unable to catch a breath.

Everyone is so traumatized and uncertain..... he died, but it literally could pf been anyone.... alot of fat fucks stuff their drunk faces that day. In the end, unable to ensure public safety, and still quite shell shocked, they cancelled the pie eating contest.

Im left with the repercussions this sort of reaction has on the course of civilization, and the underlying nature of human endeavors, the innate capacity to press on into the beyond, or unknown, or impossible. To dream impossible dreams, and say some improbable things, when drunk.

I feel the worst for his wife. She will always have to explain to others, including future suitors, how her husband died.

This little town has lost a great man. Surely a statue will be erected in his honor, arms outstretched to the moon, hot dog in hand, with a caption "Without Limits".
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