Anti Negro Liberal Egalitarians

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Anti Negro Liberal Egalitarians

Postby Wizard » Wed Jun 11, 2014 1:59 am

Liberal egalitarians push and promote values which destroy negro families.

I've heard the argument too many times that negros are too animalistic, depraved, drug addicted, and frequent teenage pregnancy and prostitution. So what should be done with negros? They should be reformed with christian values. They should repress their sexual and animalistic ways, deny themselves sex, drugs, and rap music. Instead they should become good, strict christians with traditional, conservative values. Negro parents should teach their daughters abstinence, protect virginity, arrange marriages, and look over which men are attempting to have sex with their daughters.

The problem with this, is that liberal egalitarians are enforcing their own degenerate values onto everybody, including the negro population. Negros should not receive more positive reinforcement of drug abuse, drug culture, prostitution, gang banging, and teenage pregnancy. They should receive less. So liberalism and egalitarianism is bad for negros. Negros should be more conservative. Negros should denounce drug use, liberal sexual values, "free sex", and other liberal mantras.

Egalitarianism hurts negros, because it falsely presumes that everybody is born equal, or should be made equal, by force, if not born equal already. This is wrong. Because it seems obviously true that negros are closer to animals, and more animalistic. So negros need the strongest reinforcement of christian values, not less strictness. Liberal egalitarians are the average negro's worst nightmare. Because the first group, liberals, seek to impose degenerate values on an already animalistic race. And the second group, egalitarians, are two faced liars, who pretend that negros are equal with white people, when this is obviously not the case. Any brief internet search will provide an abundant amount of information on negro rape statistics, drop out rates, crime rates, and teenage pregnancy.

If egalitarians are honest, and actually want negros to "act more human", which means, to act more conservative, then egalitarians should promote conservative, traditional values to negros, not liberal values.
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