Put Africans to work and lighten their color.

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Put Africans to work and lighten their color.

Postby Greatest I am » Thu Apr 03, 2014 4:07 pm

Put Africans to work and lighten their color.

In terms of the best thing to do for the economy, it is in the world’s best interest to pump investment into Africa.

The goal for the best result if you think demographically is to move resources to the darker balls shown in this clip.
IOW, we have to lighten their color.


If you should recognize the wisdom in investing in Africa, then perhaps you might put an African clause to your investment dollars.

The current impediment to quick investment into Africa is the corruption of the various systems. I can understand the reluctance of investors to be seen as feeding that black market. But. By starving that black market, you also harm the white market. If I can call it that.

The right thing to do is pump investment into Africa and let it reduce the corruption naturally as happens to the more developed nations.

Put Africans to work with your investment dollars. It is the right thing to do as trickle up works faster and better than trickle down.

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