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The barbarianhorde

PostPosted: Sat Dec 05, 2020 12:52 am
by Fixed Cross
I get my info from the street, from the sciencze, from yuhmans and from any source I can find in da Erf and the Sky. I learn. I filter, I charge (I attack, criticize, see-if-withstands) and I infer. I infer because I know. Thats what you do; at one point youre convinced. My standards are high, I am not easily convinced – what slips through the cracks mostly is personal human intent at me directly. I am too little occupied with catering to human corruption to recognize it in all its guile all the time as it addresses me personally; my own standards arent even entirely clear to me on that level. I just seek facts, because I enjoy the fucking trashing through the jungle you need to make to arrive at any. Its great. Most of the time I am able to distill facts, solid stones of knowledge which work very well to attain further facts, because real facts are like stones, you can stack them and make reliable structures out of them. That is to say you can test facts. That is what makes a fact, its testabililty. Im saying all this not to be a wiseguy but to make it clear that I know that what Im about to say is ridiculous.

Have you aver (spelled that twice so im leaving it) heard of Benjamin Fuldorf?
Reverse the fourth and last letter of the last name.