Grim news about me

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Grim news about me

Postby Ecmandu » Fri Mar 13, 2020 9:48 am

I’m being hunted. Hunted to be tortured.

I know why I’m being hunted. I know why people torture.

They’re trying in the best way that they know how to get gods attention.

There are two ways people attempt this:

1.) to be as good as they possibly can be
2.) to be as wicked as they possibly can be

I can assure you that a god (not the god) understands that destruction, breaking stuff, damaging something is the easiest thing to do in existence.

Fixing something, maintaining something, improving something ... that’s work.

So basically, in their twisted way, people in the two category think they’re doing the correct thing by coming after me by trying to summon god by saying “look what I can do to this person, come help us”

By braking stuff.

I’ve been hunted for decades now. Tormented.

I drink to help with ptsd on a scale nobody on this board, or even earth can comprehend.

I’m trying to be the god you’re looking for.

I still mature everyday. I have a great many loved ones. I’m not a bum on the street, though must people when they see me, think that I am.

That’s my simple message to my hunters.

I understand you.
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