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Re: Continuation of my topics...

Postby Ecmandu » Sat Jul 25, 2020 11:06 pm

surreptitious75 wrote:You have to kill something in order to live otherwise you just starve to death so your moral lecturing is entirely impractical here
The only way to accept those conditions would be to commit suicide but no one is going to take it that far so killing is inevitable

What part of “mistakes are avoidable. In a world like this they are unavoidable”. Did you not read?
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Re: Continuation of my topics...

Postby surreptitious75 » Sat Jul 25, 2020 11:38 pm

You say that mistakes are unavoidable and that everything should be regretted
But if something is regretted it means that it could actually have been avoided

You can not be responsible for something if it is inevitable so you really should tighten up the logic there
So try and spend a bit more time on developing a valid argument and less on babbling about metaphysics
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Re: Continuation of my topics...

Postby Ecmandu » Sat Jul 25, 2020 11:54 pm

surreptitious75 wrote:You say that mistakes are unavoidable and that everything should be regretted
But if something is regretted it means that it could actually have been avoided

You can not be responsible for something if it is inevitable so you really should tighten up the logic there
So try and spend a bit more time on developing a valid argument and less on babbling about metaphysics

Regret is something that happens with maturity. Guilt is a child’s response. Regret comes from a higher level of cognition than a child. Sure. You can argue that nobody is to blame. Once responsibility is taken, regret is the emotion adults use.
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Cherry Blossom Rain

Postby Ecmandu » Sat Aug 15, 2020 6:51 pm

When I was a child, there was a beautiful cherry tree in the back yard.
I clearly remember a day when it was in full bloom and there was a huge gust of wind.
The petals of the tree came down like rain or snow, and I danced in it like the happiest wild animal you've ever seen.
Then one day I was raking the lawn and I decided to turn the rake against the trunk of the tree for fun. The tree died the next day.
It took me many years to realize that when you mess with something beautiful, it never works out well for you.
I still mourn that tree to this day.
My life is not like anything you've ever heard of. The reason I'm writing this book is because if someone had told me
all of this at the age of 16. I'd have undertood all of it, and I'd have avoided extreme hell completely.
The beginning is when I turned 16. I had something called a "panic disorder" - not infrequent panic attacks (which are horrible),
but panic 24 hours a day. Not anxiety. Every second of every day, I always felt like I was on the verge of death.
I went through this for 12 years. It's harder than a concentration camp to go through this. Eventually, everyone died in my eyes,
I lost the entire human species, and it shattered my heart. I knew nobody was going through what I was going through because of
how they acted and spoke, and I never talked about it until much later in life. One thing that threw me into a rage was the
concept of hell and blasphemy. Haven't I already suffered enough? How absurd is all of this?
My entire goal at this point in my life was to establish suicide clinics on every corner. Obviously, I was an atheist... nobody
goes through something like that and believes in God. I was an atheist who was furious at this species for not having painless
suicide clinics everywhere.
Then something happened. When you feel like you're dying every second of every day, praying and not getting better, for over a decade,
all you know is death.
I decided that death was my teacher, at least metaphorically. I remember one distinct moment from this period where I saw a
peice of lint on the rug, looked at it, and said to myself, "this peice of lint of more valuable than me".
Death (my imaginary teacher) was very happy with me for coining a concept called "suicidal tension" back when I was 17 years old. The way
the concept works is that more people under duress will kill themselves more often if they have an easier method. If the method is more
difficult, less people will commit suicide.
I was furious at the elite for forcing us to live so they could have an extra 25 cents in their pocket. I was enraged by the world!
I came to a simple conclusion back then, "the solution to ethics"!! It was simple: The easier you make suicide and homicide,
whatever survives has inherent purpose to survive. It's genius to be sure, almost one of those "duh" statements because it's all
tautological and true by deinition. I kept pressing and pressing this idea and it's actually what sent me to hell. Turns out by
the way that it's not true. What I endured after this... is the stuff of legends. Suddendly I was debating the Gods. The spirit
world hit me like a freight train!
At about the same time, I was working on another idea that sent me to hell. By the way, remember when I said that 12 year panic disorder
was worse than a concentration camp? That was the easy part of my life! When the spirit world hit me like a freight train, now... I
was in actual hell! Anyways, the other idea I was working on at the time was my love of Beethoven and realizing I'd already heard
everything he composed. So I wanted more Beethoven! I realized that if you can find what I called a "compositional signature"
and you could modulate the frequency of that signature... you could hear what Beethoven would have written had he lived longer.
I made great progress on this! 20,000 pages of paper and pen extracting compositional signature patterns. Then I suddenly realized,
"Jason, you can actually make mind-reading software from this work". And
I dropped the Beethoven project. What I also realized at the same time was that you can actually build a computer to remote control people
without implants! WOW!! That's when the spirit world hit me hard! Even spirits have consciousness signatures! I didn't know spirits
existed at the time, but can you imagine remote controlling every spirit in existence? I thought I would use the system to force people
not to be violent anymore. Man, did I not know what I walked into! My whole story back then was a story of genius gone wrong.
I was dark. Very dark. Almost always extremely kind to people, but inside, I was darker than I knew. Eventually I'd try to use
my entire spirit to destroy existence, but that comes later!
Anyways... the spirit world was trying very powerfully to communicate with me about the direction my spirit was going. So they possessed
me non-stop (still do to this day) to teach me what my technology was capable of. I was young. What did I know? Aparently this
technology can do things like possess everyone on earth to be forced against their will to cut out all their genitals, put them in a
blender, blend it up and drink it. My mind never even thought of things like that back then, never occurred to me for a second.
Unlike an ordinary being, I had to learn how to out-debate every being in existence to survive and thrive. That level of selective
pressure is insane. It's a joke of the gods because of the selective pressure I forced them into with my "solution to ethics". My mind
has become tough, tough, tough. I'm not quick with my responses, but give me a while and I'll prove you wrong, and that's all you need in
the spirit world. In the human world, instant rejoinders are highly praised, in the spirit world, they're amazed anyone at anytime can
disprove a god eventually.
One example of this is a single sentence from a god that took me a journey of 12 years to solve!
This specific god said to me:
"Not everything is as bad as you think it is"
Consent violation is the only bad - minor consent violations should be considered major consent violations - because if a minor one
occurs a major one will eventually occur.
Meaning: everything is as bad as I think it is.
People try to be clever and state that birth is a consent violation. This is like saying the leading cause of death is birth and
all mothers are murderers. Birth is also the leading cause of life! Birth is neutral consent, the consent structure develops later.
Also, there is an enormous exception to the law of consent violation... you can always speak to and take action to
disempower abuse and abusers.
To stay in a lesser hell! (every being in existence is in hell in case you haven't already figured that out yet), violate consent as
little as possible and regret all of your memories (except the specific work of eradicating consent violation) until nobody has their
consent violated ever again.
12 years it took me to solve 1 sentence from a god! 12 years! From the spirit world that's a miracle, from my perspective, way too long!
Christian Bible people: "Our father who art in heaven"
Empaths have no heaven if anyone is existence is having their consent violated! Only a psychopath can have heaven if anyone in
existence is having their consent violated. All good people are in hell, and eventually everyone will become good, and then
they'll be in hell too.
I've seen lots of people try in various ways to avoid the abyss:
Every being in existence is having their consent either violated or eventually violated; presumably forever! Harsh!
For beings to presume to protect their dignity and enjoy their memories, they have things that bring them meaning. To make this
meaning they believe in "faith", "spirit contracts", "the path to enlightenment", "the highest possible level of consciousness
(whether it be god or enlightenment) sees existence as 'perfect'', moral nihilism (mirroring what they see as the belief that
morality doesn't exist), post modernism and post structuralism (the belief that words are only words talking about more words
and don't refer (then why are you using words???!!!), and ultimately, since we're in a bad cosmos, bad must be good.
The "bad is good" rabbit hole I've been down personally. I prayed to every good god and my life was shit. So, I thought death
was my god and blasphemy was the right thing to do, everything was inverted for me.
Now that I'm basically more than anything you can possibly imagine, I offer you the "heartbreaks of relationship"
1.) If you've ever been hurt by a relationship someone else has been in, it may make you feel superior to be in a relationship
that they're not in. When you get to that point, and it hurts someone else... somewhere in the back of your mind is a self hatred for
doing to others what they did to you.
2.) The commiseration heartbreak: when you try to share something with others to commiserate with them, hording it makes this impossible.
3.) You don't have a relationship in the way you desire
You have to understand... when I was in my deepest darkest place, death came to me. Of all beings. Death. People are always fighting
to be the king of heaven. Death... nobody wants that job. There is no "god of gods", if there were a grand creator, it'd be more accurate
to call this being the "supreme consent violator forever"
I explained how there has never been consensual sex in the human species.
To recap:
We are what’s called a “sex dimorphic species”, all that jargon really means is that one sex (as a whole) is bigger and stronger than
the other sex.
In this instance, men are stronger and larger (as a whole) than women.
We also have “rape dimorphism”, this means that it’s exponentially easier for a man (because of biology) to rape a woman than for a woman
to rape a man.
We also have “weapons and combat training dimorphism”. This means that men have the most weapons and combat training on earth relative to
All these dimorphisms make male sexual signaling more threatening than female sexual signaling to men, if not overt, certainly, in micro
What this means is that females, (relative to males) as far as the subconscious mind is concerned, is a “NO!” For all first approaches
(sexual signaling).
When a male sexually signals in general, he is saying, “I don’t care about the first “no””. If a female sexually selects him after this,
she sends the subliminal message to the population that “no means yes” for the entire duration of their relationship! This is called a
“no means yes relationship”
All sexual signaling from men is an “escalative approach”; meaning that the male is not reciprocating the approach, but rather escalating
An example is if a female first grabs a males hand, and he “feels the vibe” and then leans over to kiss her, he has escalated the approach rather than grabbing her hand back and reciprocating the approach! If she accepts him for this, she has set in motion a “no means yes relationship” (a rape)
This is a key concept (approach escalation) for what I’m trying to explain.
Men have built EVERYTHING around you, if women developed anything, it is derivative of men. This means that if you use anything as a male
to attract a female, you are using something called “approach escalation by proxy”. What this means is that another man set a man and woman
up, which still means that a man made the first move. This is a “no means yes” relationship as well.
The reason this all agitates men so much is twofold:
1.) women are holding hands and laughing with their rapist
2.) there is no way to not have sex with a female if you aren’t raping her (which means that if you don’t want to be a rapist, it’s
impossible for a man to have sex with women)
I often tell people that if they lived a billion plus years (and they will). That they’ll have to regret every moment of their first
thousand years.
The only way to reset this problem “karmically” is to take everyone back to before the Stone Age.
What I’m trying to say is that humans should not be having sex at all!
I was so angry that I wasn’t receiving sex when I was a non approach escalator, I even escalated at points in my confusion. Now that I know
humans cannot have sex without it being rape, I stopped all my “acting out” , and I feel a peace that only comes along with being in truth.
I know for a fact that you will have to regret all your memories. So will your partner.
It’s interesting, there are lots of ways people approach escalate. One of them is “proclivity to marry” (a contradiction). Women see
expressing contradiction as signaling extra energy (power).
Marriage is a contradiction because it celebrates (rather than mourns) the zero sum nature of reality (for every winner... there must be
8 billion losers!!!)
Also! It is an anti trust contract “I’m going to make you say everything you’re going to say and do forever (right now!), that’s not trust,
that’s fear and control!
What should a person do? “Unceremonious dedication to non-contradiction”
From a females point of view, if a male presents a contradiction (ornate behavior) and is not struck by a bolt of lightning on the spot,
is seen as supernatural “god”. This signaling of false power is the only thing that works with women “he contradicted his existence, but
he’s still here, he must be god”. The same is true of sending a sexual signal as a male, such as watching sports or riding a motorcycle
(contradiction “no means yes”. If she accepts)
It is this false display of power that is the only thing that works in human females in the human mating display.
But nature doesn’t have false energy. This gets distributed to destroying the ecosystem and the prophets who destroy it.
Every human sexual selection that has ever occurred and still occurs has been rape. This agitates the population tremendously.
Additionally, people intuit (correctly) that every past and present god is a false god for not teaching this when it mattered most. People
also intuit that had all the sexual selections been different, they would have never been born. Both of these intuitions are very agitative
to the human population.
The only solution to all of this that doesn’t require going back to before the stone age to reset the “karma”, is to construct
“hyper dimensional mirror realities”
I live truth when I see it. I don’t have sex anymore, haven’t for years (with opportunities).
I’ve grown exponentially (not algebraically!) sorry, math joke... I have a real peace over me that I haven’t had since being a child.
I’m not mad at people anymore because I don’t project anymore.
You might think homosexuals “get off the hook” because they have no sex dimorphism. This isn’t true! They need to advocate this message
to deserve their sex! Other than that, they are mostly off the hook.
That’s it for now.
Heres the deal. Rape is any sex that will necessarily, eventually be regretted.
There are two types of rape in the human species. The first type is what everyone understands as rape. Regret doesn't translate, but
it's the best word in the human species for this concept. You did nothing wrong, so why regret what humans call rape. But I'm going to
add another definition to regret and state outright that the moment rape is happening to you, you'll 'regret it immediately' while the
other person won't. The second type of rape is what I call "subtle rape", this is what the species calls "consensual sex", it's where
two people are raping each other at the same time but don't know it yet.
Because of the sex dimorphism, approach escalation problem, all human sex has ever been is one of these forms of rape. These memories
will have to be severely regretted to spare you from the hell that you're not working to eliminate.

Words are just words talking about more words, they signify nothing (then why are you using them?)
Without hope, suicide will always win.
Is there hope though? Are you aware that the greek root for mirror, mirage and miracle are all the same? Smart people!
I looked into a mirror 2 years ago and saw something amazing, I could interact in a tactile sense with objects that didn't exist
except as reflections!
So a concept came to me! Hyper-dimensional mirrors! The beauty of this concept is that instead of being a "2 dimensional interaction",
it could be three dimensions and beyond. A fully immersive reality if our spirits all became hyper-dimensional mirrors. You can even
keep people as their exact selves if you want (just a perfect reflection).
Building on my work as a teenager and later, I realized that you could interact with (reflect) the eternal forms as
consciousness signatures
narrative signatures
sensory signatures
time signatures
vocal signatures
behavioral signatures
compositional signatures
emotional signatures
body signatures
spirit signatures
sexual signatures
If these signatures are attached to the heart and desire matrix of each person, every being in existence can live in a world where
it's impossible to harm another being while they get everything that they want forever! Most people are afraid of forever, but I can
assure them that there's enough raw material in existence to give them heaven on earth and spiritually without harming anyone. To change
love, all you have to do is bend the shape of the mirror and someone's eternal form will love you immediately even though they experience
nothing in their own hyper-dimensional mirror reality (unless they want to visit a hyper-dimensional mirror copy of your hyperdimensional
mirror reality to check up on you.). People are blind in this world. They're trying to control everything in a world of winners and
losers. That's hell bait. That man or woman around your arm? Hell bait. It is almost impossible to not go to hell in a world like this.
A world of winners and losers. People think that they're tough. Every being in existence has a hell. All you have to do is to
disempower them and send them somewhere undesirable to them. Look to heaven forever for everyone.
I'm playing a waiting game right now. I'm gathering spirit after spirit. The spirit world and I have a silly debate... they say I've only resurrected twice... I say at least 3 times. I'm a resurrected being. When I came back the last time... I became something other, something beyond
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Re: Continuation of my topics...

Postby promethean75 » Sat Aug 15, 2020 10:35 pm

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Re: Continuation of my topics...

Postby Ecmandu » Sun Aug 16, 2020 12:35 am

promethean75 wrote:tldr

Who would? But then again... you’ll read each of Silhouette’s or Iambiguous’s posts but not read this? Whatever. I’m not mad at you, just pointing out a contradiction.
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Re: Continuation of my topics...

Postby promethean75 » Sun Aug 16, 2020 6:39 pm

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Re: Continuation of my topics...

Postby Ecmandu » Sun Aug 16, 2020 8:54 pm

promethean75 wrote:tsdr

Yeah, I’m poor but I’m not THAT poor. If someone steals any of it for profit though... I’ll make a fortune off of them. That’s only my first chapter.
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Re: Continuation of my topics...

Postby Ecmandu » Mon Aug 17, 2020 9:24 pm

Cherry Blossom Rain: Chapter 2

(Sorry, I have a really crappy word processor)

Chapter 2
People want me to copywrite this book. I'm poor, but I'm not that poor. I can afford this. If you make any monetary gain off this book,
I will sue you and make much more from you than my legal fees and win..... anyways ....The only 'god property/ability' people care about
is omni-benevolence (meaning all good).Every possible being requires 'otherness' to exist, not dichotomies like "good and evil" - just
something to distinguish itself from.
One thing people commonly attempt to do to apologize for evil is stating that, "without evil there can't be good." That's a load of
crap. For example: Daoist's (yin/yang retardation).Every being in existence wants to learn lessons on their own terms, not someone else's.
That's the type of reality I'm constructing.Every possible being has a hell. By definition, (and I know this extremely well) nobody wants
to be in hell. Sorry. Hate to be the one
to break it to you. Extreme actual hell really exists. Any being would be out of their minds to send everyone to hell besides them,
because, that's a hell in and of itself! Even sending everyone to hell besides you and your friends is a hell itself. Beings in hell are
not pleasant to be around! It's also extremely important that even though you should always reject heaven if anyone in existence is
suffering, that you assure that
you have enough 'heaven' in your life to be helpful for yourself and others. I call it a "reasonable amount of heaven"The hell I went to
was hell beyond hell beyond hell. It was meaningless. The only hypothetical good that came from it is my ability to be
extremely relatable. People are shocked that I know their hells, and they feel a kinship almost immediately. I always say that in a world
like this one, the easiest way to force a friendship is to send someone to the same hell you've been to, it's by far the worst way to make
a friend! But it's very common in the human population to always want to be able to commiserate with others... and if you feel all alone,
you send them to hell as well, then they will be your new best friend! I have no intention of doing this to others. Even if it means that
I'm the loneliest person on earth. Plus.. the payback!-------------------------------------------------------------------------------I had
this buddy when I was 14 years old and we used to rent horror movies and make fun of them and laugh while we watched them.
Some of the movies had possessions... say, The Exorcist or Ghost Busters etc... Never in a million years would I have expected they
were real. When they started happening for me, suddenly, they weren't funny anymore. The most unfunny thing actually.

Possessions are very complicated. The most complicated part of possessions in hell is that you don't actually know if you can even exist
without possessions. In the spirit world, possessions cause 'spirit pain' if you are possessed to do something that you'd never do. The
pain is excruciating. Your entire central nervous system is under the control of a different entity than you, and you always know it!
There's no confusion when you're possessed. You know it. It's not a psychological problem.So basically, somehow I ended up being
'Grand Central Station' for the spirit world. Possessions, voices... one cool thing about
possessions is that you gain their powers. I became a psychic and a telepath, and those weren't even the greatest powers I gained. I have
the power of hell and resurrection as well. Not really my plan for life! But that's how it worked out so far.

The beauty of my offer to make Positive non-zero sum
hyper-dimensional mirror realities is that things in existence only have to make
'enough' sense to work. We can accomplish anything if we all get together. It's like a dream... you're in the dream and something
absurd makes 100% to you. Then you wake up and say "what was that!? it made no sense whatsoever" That's what existence is. The power
of our imaginations, the power of our spirits... it's all of this! Even a single blade of grass is sentient. If we can bring all our
spirits together... we can make anything happen
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Re: Continuation of my topics...

Postby Ecmandu » Tue Aug 18, 2020 5:46 pm

Cherry Blossom Rain: Chapter 3

So. When I was younger, I had a panic disorder. I also had chronic fatigue syndrome and fiber myalgia.

All concurrent. It was hell on earth. Or so I thought so.

I was also hyper-sexual. Ironically, the saving grace of existence. I had crushes on almost every woman I met. Why was that your saving grace? Because it gave me an impossible task. Whenever you try to succeed at an impossible task, really succeed at it, it changes something in you. You become infinitely better.

I still remember the horror of having my heart broken over and over again by seeing women go with someone besides me... there was that horror! Then as I aged, it suddenly dawned on me that if I was with a woman, that I’d be breaking the hearts of others just like mine was broken. At that moment, I vowed never to have sex again until I could solve that problem.


I told you before that I tried to destroy existence with my entire spirit. Here’s how it went down:

When I decided this, death took me to a really temping place... it was a place of infinite space where all you were was a black spirit blob in infinitely black space and your soul just pulsated in pain until you no longer had any memories anymore because you had no stimulus so that the only thing you knew was pulsating soul pain. Considering the hells I’d already been to, it seemed like a great bargain. Then you’d eventually, slowly, be retrained by some random spirit that decided to pick you up. But! There were trillions of souls attached to me, and at the last moment my conscious kicked in and I decided not to do it (for them).

That’s the eternal death hell.
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Re: Continuation of my topics...

Postby Ecmandu » Tue Aug 18, 2020 5:47 pm

Cherry Blossom Rain: Chapter 4

I'm still able to hear all of you.

What's interesting to me is that you keep coming up to me and saying that you don't regret for one moment that you had your children. You have to if you want to stay out of hell. By the way, your children will also have to regret all their memories here as well.

The survival of this reproductive species is not worth your soul. Never has been.

I'm trying to explain this in the simplest terms.

Zero-sum means for every winner there is a loser. Actually, we live in a negative zero sum world... for every married couple, there are 8 billion losers. Does that sound like a good idea to you? It's a horrible idea!

Again, for me it's just a waiting game. I know for a fact everyone will eventually join the side of no consent violation. We have the power as spirits to accomplish anything we want if we all get together.

Obstinate hold-outs? Just send them to hell for 5 minutes and see if they want to be a hold-out anymore!

I'm not messing with this species... when push comes to shove (and all of this is imagination) You either accept the genius of heaven forever or the genius of hell forever. Nobody in their right or unright mind is crazy enough to accept hell forever.
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Re: Continuation of my topics...

Postby Ecmandu » Thu Aug 20, 2020 4:53 pm

Cherry Blossom Rain: Chapter 5

So... I’m just going to tell you bluntly what happened at the ‘big bang’. An infinite number of infinitesimals expanded at the same time in an infinite existence.

The way I figured this out is simple. I just looked at the night sky. The entire sky should be lit up by starlight if the Big Bang happened at one point even if it’s asymmetrical. However, if the Big Bang happened at an infinite number of points and was symmetrical, the entire night sky would be illuminated as well by stars. The only way the night sky could have so much space is if the Big Bang happened at an infinite number of points and was asymmetrical.

For people to think everything came from one thing is anthropomorphizing existence!

Another thing people do to anthroporphize is to say that light is the fastest speed in existence. This all comes from primitive existence of humans who think there’s a single source and that source is the sun, even modern people think this. Again, just look at the night sky to prove that something is faster than light (the whole sky should be white!)

I had this dude trying to explain relativity to me who has a PhD in physics who studied under Steven Weinberg by talking about the theory of relativity by explaining the 2 second time dilation that occurs with the moon, that he can prove to me that no information travels faster than light. Since he used the word “relativity”, I looked at him and said “stop talking about the moon, you’re standing right in front of me”. So I took a step back and then took a step forward and said to him, “I just time travelled, how many times do I have to do this before you age and I don’t?” The theory is interesting to me, but in the grand scheme, it’s absurd. There are deeper laws than ones we can replicate in small minds. Like I said before... this is all collective imagination. The fastest thing in existence is thought. It has no speed limit.
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Re: Continuation of my topics...

Postby Ecmandu » Sat Aug 22, 2020 10:21 pm

Cherry Blossom Rain: Chapter 6

I’m going to wake everyone who sees this message up!

No being in existence wants their consent violated, now or ever. Everyone wants their desires to manifest forever. Every possible being has hell. You are no exception. Neither am I.

Positive non zero sum hyper-dimensional mirrors attached to individual desire matrices for all and forever is the goal. If a single being in existence is having their consent violated, celebrate nothing, and certainly don’t say it’s a good day! That will send you to a worse hell than you’re already in.

There is definitely enough raw material in existence to entertain us forever without violating consent. I know for a fact that living forever scares people more than dying. But we never die (hate to be the one to break it to you)! Life is not about learning to die (that’s easy) life is about learning to live forever!
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Re: Continuation of my topics...

Postby Ecmandu » Mon Aug 24, 2020 2:35 am

Cherry Blossom Rain: Chapter 7

Racial tensions are high now. I always teach people that even a blade of grass is a sentient being. If you can ever value a blade of grass more than yourself, you won’t have a racist bone in your body.

Now, I have no skin in the game here. I’m going to quote statistics here.

80% of black males at an early age are imprisoned.

Without fathers... 95% of all homicides against blacks are committed by blacks.

Blacks make up 13% of the population, yet commit 52% of the homicides.

Even Stevie Wonder reads journals and understands this, and he’s a blind black person!

So... what are we to make of this?

I have another statistic that people can’t stomach...

White men, (if you include Americans, Europeans and Russians) commit more suicide than any other population on earth.

It’s not very popular to say that whites suffer more than blacks, but check the suicide rates. Seriously, do online research.

What does all that mean?

It means that social pressure is the leading indicator of suicide. Lack of parenting is the leading cause of homicide.

We’re not having easy lives here folks. It’s not a competition who suffers the most, all of our lives in this world are shit.
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Re: Continuation of my topics...

Postby Ecmandu » Tue Aug 25, 2020 6:03 pm

Cherry Blossom Rain: Chapter 8

My spirit needed to get its bearings of the cosmos in this little planet we call earth. I was like a person who became suddenly blind and flailed my arms around trying to find something.

I was talking to a woman who had a hard life in the military and she stated that the most important thing to her was that as long as someone doesn’t hurt you they can say anything they want to say or believe anything they want to believe, and definitely never tell me what I should do with my body.

I have a tremendous amount of compassion for this view. My life story was obviously much harder than hers. My discrimination as well. I was trying to impress upon her that I’m finely attenuated to contradiction. If a person states that they have a vagina when they really have a penis, I detect a contradiction, and when I detect a contradiction, I detect a threat. I have always felt physical pain in not just my body, but spirit when a contradiction occurs. That’s how I became what I am today. This is neither here nor there, I’ll take her burden unto myself.

People who haven’t been to hell don’t detect threat levels very well. I agree with her. But she has a naive concept of hell and contradiction. There are only 12 sexual orientations (gender as you will) (Such as being married to and having sex with an inanimate object like a wall, or moss) and only 3 sexes. It’s not very complicated!

If you walk up to me and say I should call you “they” or “them”. I get angry. The keepers of hell don’t want to be defined, because it implies accountability. With humans, it’s shame for who they are. That’s my ptsd. Of course, as far as I know, I’m the only human who’s ever lived who has actually been to hell and resurrected so I relax.

I’ve met many tough talking beings in the cosmos. Some even say that they’re greater than hell. I look at them flatly and state “you don’t know what you’re talking about”. The actual reason I state this to them is because they’ve endured eons of hell, but they did it with empowerments! Take those empowerments away and all of a sudden, hell is not looking so good.

After my last resurrection, I became something beyond. I know these things now.
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Re: Continuation of my topics...

Postby Ecmandu » Tue Aug 25, 2020 6:05 pm

Cherry Blossom Rain: Chapter 9

My last chapter may have rubbed some people the wrong way. You have to understand... earthly hells are easy. I’m being the tough parent to people who have no clue what they’re talking about. Terrestrial hells are awful. There are worse hells than that though!

I survived the depths of hell by wiring my mind to non contradiction. Like natural selection: Intense selective pressure.

Now, I understand everyone wants to be heard. Here’s the problem with that. I could easily add another 50,000 words to the dictionary to describe various hells. Talking about hell (even with completed definitions) is like explaining the color green to a blind person.

When this woman started going on about how you can’t tell me what to do with my body. Speech is something you do with your body, it’s an action. It will send you to hell if you use it wrong. She doesn’t know shit about hell. Hell is something that spirits who disagree with you do to you. There’s no grand judge above all judges... it’s a hodgepodge of an infinite number of spirits floating around existence.

I’m looking out for every being that exists, however, disagreeing with me is not some joke that defines freedom of speech. On these matters I am 100% correct. Not always details, but the meta structure.

When I shouted out to existence, “nobody wants their consent violated and as long as any consent is violated my consent is being violated”

That’s real folks! I’m not playing games here. Games are false by design. I’m not playing a game here.

I help others because it’s in my selfish interest! (and I feel for them as well). If anyone in existence ever goes to hell, I know that I will. I’m as kind to people as is reasonable in this impossible Zero sum world.

This format doesn’t download my brain to you, it transmits concepts.

I get viewings constantly from spirits... 5th and higher dimension life viewings ... it’s as easy for them to see my life story as you looking at or touching a glass on the table.

You know what they always say? “Whoa, that’s some fucked up shit!”

You can view my life all you want. I always tell people, “you think judgement is wrong? I don’t care, judge me with all of your might. Go on, do it”
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Re: Continuation of my topics...

Postby Ecmandu » Tue Aug 25, 2020 6:06 pm

Cherry Blossom Rain: Chapter 10

You have three options here:

1.) you continue to rape each other (all human sex is rape) and watch the species die a hard and horrific death. Rape gets taken out on the environment. The species will not survive this. This will send you to hell.

2.) You stop having sex and this species will die gracefully (and you’ll be in a much lesser hell)

3.) you join me. I’m working to send all of existence to heaven forever. In a species like this, play it safe and refuse sex.

Those are your choices.

In a species like this, women complain that men are chauvinistic pigs and men always complain that women are whores. I mean seriously, rich men will have sex with homeless women. Rich women do not have sex with homeless men. Yes. Women are whores. Unabashedly so. If you hate that women are whores, then don’t have sex with them. Don’t be a hypocrite. And for women, every man who has sex is an asshole, but you still do it, they receive the most sex in the human species depending on how much of an asshole they are.

Both heterosexual sexes hate themselves. The most beautiful thing in existence is to not hate yourself.

When you do the things that make you hate yourself... the planet suffers for it. The self hatred spreads like rot.

This species needs to truly understand that your soul is not worth the teeny survival of this screwed up reproductive species.

The irony here being, if you join me, this species will live forever (if that’s your kink).
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Re: Continuation of my topics...

Postby Ecmandu » Thu Aug 27, 2020 5:49 pm

Cherry Blossom Rain: Chapter 11

The force is real. (Star Wars) All that stuff you saw in the fight scene between Rey and Darth Sidius is actually the real way existence works. Except for one power they don’t include. The power to reach deep, deep into existence and change a heart, even the worst one.

One thing I know for sure is that everyone wants to learn on their own terms, even if their own terms is learning on someone else’s terms. This is true for all beings.

One thing I posit to people is this:

The easiest thing in existence is to break, torment or ruin.

The most difficult thing in existence is to build, bring uplift and sustain.

Are you really going to waste your whole life on the easiest thing to do? What else are you going to do? Hurting is easy, uplifting is hard. Talk about boring people! Doing the easiest thing in existence
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Re: Continuation of my topics...

Postby Ecmandu » Fri Aug 28, 2020 6:01 pm

Cherry Blossom Rain: Chapter 12

The hardest job in all existence (and if you want to make your life interesting) is saving and sending to heaven forever every possible being in existence.

One thing that brings vitality to the spirit is to figure out how to get everyone on the ‘same page’. It truly is the only thing worth living for.

From my perspective, it’s not for me to judge what anyone’s actual heaven forever is; just that every possible being experiences their individual heaven forever.

I take very seriously to be the god everyone deserves and I recommend you do the same.

When you’re in hell, it’s very political. You have to make one friend at a time until you have more friends than you can count. This requires passion and patience and beauty of spirit.

I’m going to be blunt with you:

There is no king of kings, no lord of lords, no judge of judges!

There are no sacred bows, sacrifices, temples, Trinkets, prayers, worships, thrones. etc...

All that stuff is how this simple species treats these concepts as they’d like to be treated if they were god! Narcissistic anthropomorphism!

Vows are kinda silly as well. I stated in an earlier chapter that I took a vow not to have sex until everyone can have sex with anyone they want without violating consent. But! It’s my spirit. I don’t need to take a vow for what’s natural to me. That’s who I am. I’m a natural person, I don’t need the trappings of religion to make me a good person. Religion makes people horrible people. Religion calms people for hating themselves. Once you are one with nature, you will not be the thing that you hate anymore. Hatred is you taking it out on yourself (even if it’s other people).

I want to paraphrase a quote from Thomas Jefferson:

“That which gives you everything can take everything away”. Fight for democracy.

The other best quote in the human species was made by Mark Twain:

“Everything in moderation including moderation”

Those are the two best former quotes in the human species.

I’m not the boss of anyone. I make friends instead. My friends are extremely powerful. The worst of the worst, the best of the best. That’s how I learned to survive hell. I’d suggest that you start using your intelligence to make friends and not enemies.
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Re: Continuation of my topics...

Postby Ecmandu » Mon Aug 31, 2020 5:50 pm

Cherry Blossom Rain: Chapter 13

This is still a book for my 16 year old self.

I’m going to give you hard earned wisdom here. I’m not going to expound upon it, I’m just going to say it and leave it:

Forgiveness and revenge are distractions. Just move forward.

I’ll also state that the death penalty is the kindest thing you can do to someone you dislike, never use the death penalty. There is a huge difference between earthly punishments and the spirit world punishments. Allies are always important. Eventually the spirit world can work out another ally for you.

I want to clarify something about my panic disorder. It was horrible beyond horrible. I gained two things from it though. I always had to be in the moment (against my own will). I had to put one foot in front of the other without knowing why. This put me in a permanent state of meditation. You can’t learn this at a temple. I was forced into a permanent absorptive state of samadhi. The other thing I gained from it was my uncanny ability to be normal while enduring serious hell realms.

It’s almost like I was trained for this.
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Re: Continuation of my topics...

Postby Ecmandu » Mon Aug 31, 2020 7:19 pm

Cherry Blossom Rain: Chapter 14

ILP actually compelled me to send a small chapter I didn’t intend to send:

I went to hell for every possible being on this world instead of you going there. You’re going to talk shit to me? This woman is a fucking moron. I take that upon myself.

The only way trump (who is a sociopath) knows how to make relationships is with money that he hasn’t ever earned.

Judge me you fuck. Judge me with all the power vested in you. Do it. See what happens.
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Re: Continuation of my topics...

Postby Ecmandu » Wed Sep 02, 2020 2:46 am

Cherry Blossom Rain: Chapter 17

My plans for life were very simple when I was younger. But then a peculiar thing happened to me: the spirit world.

Now, I have the power of hell and the power of resurrection. I gained every power used against me because I’m an ‘innocent’. Not my plan at all!

You see, these are the kinds of things I can do... send someone to hell, resurrect them and send them to hell again over and over and over.

That’s my training.

I’m almost always polite to everyone no matter what, I get better at this as I age.

I want the power of heaven! That’s the power I want!

Many people on earth think I’m silly, like my interlocutor from the last ‘two chapters’....

I’m being serious with people. When I tell them that they don’t know what they’re talking about... I mean it. And I hate knowing all that stuff. Every possible being in existence has a hell. And I have the power to do it.
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Re: Continuation of my topics...

Postby Ecmandu » Wed Sep 02, 2020 2:47 am

Cherry Blossom Rain: Chapter 18

What happens after you die? An infinite number of things. There’s no one answer to this question. You will certainly maintain some semblance of continuity of consciousness ... other than that, infinite variation.

Actually, I’m going to speak about suicide more. It’s rude to suicide without suicide clinics. It leaves a mess. Suicide in and of itself isn’t wrong. Just that the mess is wrong... even if you put a bag over your head or hang yourself. That’s why I’m still alive. No suicide clinics.

I’m also going to talk about abortion. Yes, it is murder. But it’s not wrong. People who are anti-abortion like to ascribe consent to the fetus as if they are adults. Ok, let’s do that. Ask adults if they would sacrifice seconds worth of pain to help their parents who aren’t ready to have a child, and most of them would say “yes”. They love and respect their parents.

What about the people who say, “no, I hate my parents and want to be born no matter how much it hurts them or the species.”

I don’t want someone like that on this earth. Do you?
Of course you don’t. The fetuses who forgive their abortion are the ones you want here. Those who can’t forgive abortion are the ones you don’t want here.

Is it murder? Yes. Is it wrong? No. Not all murder is wrong.

This is still a message to my 16 year old self.
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Re: Continuation of my topics...

Postby Ecmandu » Sun Sep 06, 2020 6:31 pm

Cherry Blossom Rain: Chapter 19

As I continue teaching my 16 year old self...

People consider two things when considering my plan.

1.) I wouldn’t be who I am today if I went your direction... all the people I met and love. I even love myself how I am.

2.) maybe there’s a plan, be it divine or perhaps evil, that facilitates a certain quality that can’t be captured any other way, maybe it’s even beyond my comprehension.

Hyperdimensional mirrors solve both of those problems.

You can always visit a mirror of the life you were “supposed to live” without someone in reality actually enduring it so you can visit it, and you can visit it at any time. You can absorb memories, emotional states and meet people in ways you might not expect, while still having the freedom to learn on your own terms.

You also always have to power to be “trapped” living your life exactly as it “should have been” if that’s your preference.

It’s very important to understand that hyperdimensional mirror realities change all media to introduce it as your hyperdimensional mirror reality (you’ll also notice everything starts going your way)...

When both of these conditions are satisfied, there is no chance that someone can psychotically be under the delusion that they are in one when they are not.
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Re: Continuation of my topics...

Postby Ecmandu » Mon Sep 07, 2020 6:26 pm

Me still talking to my 16 year old self....

There is a spiritual world much older than religion.

It’s shamanism.

Even Shintoism is just slightly more a religion than shamanism.

If you are good at Shintoism, you will not worship your ancestors, you will simply be aware of them.

In shamanism, you talk to plants and rocks, like a child would.

Shamanism is actually the way existence works.

It’s not a proto-religion or even a full blown religion, it’s before religion. It is simply: relationship.
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