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PostPosted: Sat Sep 12, 2020 3:40 am
by Meno_
Ecmandu wrote:Me still talking to my 16 year old self....

There is a spiritual world much older than religion.

It’s shamanism.

Even Shintoism is just slightly more a religion than shamanism.

If you are good at Shintoism, you will not worship your ancestors, you will simply be aware of them.

In shamanism, you talk to plants and rocks, like a child would.

Shamanism is actually the way existence works.

It’s not a proto-religion or even a full blown religion, it’s before religion. It is simply: relationship.

The significance of the most compressed matetial the crystal. , has been a sacred shamanic tool. Isn't it odd that crystals safe used in high tech devolment?

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PostPosted: Fri Sep 18, 2020 1:28 pm
by Ecmandu
Like I stated before:

We are all co-imagining existence together. We can accomplish anything if we all get together; a spiritual nexus. There is no supreme being. I always say, “I’m not the boss of anyone, I just have friends.”

Just like anything, spiritual protection is about strength in numbers. The more friends you make, the easier hell realms are. I had to learn how to survive the deepest hells. And I came back like this.

My selective pressure to be perfect was insane. Gardeners “in the know” put stress on their plants in the form of small cuts. When they do this, the yield is better. It’s an idea we all conjured. I want to be the last plant this is ever done to.

People often ask me about pregnancy in hyperdimensional mirror realities.

The child will be born in its own hyperdimensional mirror world, and the parents will receive a hyperdimensional mirror child.

I’ve already solved all the problems of hyperdimensional mirror realities (even the security problem)

Now, I teach and wait.

I’m completing all dharmas in this little existence of mine.

I want you to see what a completed dharma of all dharmas looks like.

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PostPosted: Sat Sep 19, 2020 1:57 am
by Meno_
"I’m completing all dharmas in this little existence of mine."

It's not so little.

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PostPosted: Mon Sep 21, 2020 4:43 pm
by Ecmandu
Cherry Blossom Rain: Chapter 24

I’m still communicating with my 16 year old self...

Everything you’ve been taught here is false. Not a lie, just false.

We live in a world where for every winner there is a loser.

If you win you lose, and most certainly, if you lose you lose.

Knowing that is all that enlightenment is.

Don’t take to heart win/lose scenarios. They are all lose scenarios. Simply use your energy to fix this problem to the best of your ability. That’s the only way that any being in all existence comes out looking good in all of this.

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PostPosted: Tue Sep 22, 2020 5:36 pm
by Ecmandu
Cherry Blossom Rain: Chapter 25

I’m still speaking to my 16 year old self.

Many years from now you will watch a movie called “matrix”

You will not only be in virtual reality hells (it’s something we all collectively imagined) you will also be in machine AI hells.

As I speak to you, I became a supreme being. There are MUCH, MUCH, MUCH easier ways to be a supreme being (which is why I’m talking to you right now).

In this movie, and the sequels, everyone is still delusional.

Anyone who enjoys a reality where there are winners and losers are horrible people. There are billions upon billion upon billions of horrible people on this earth. You’re still one of them. I know you’re feeling hurt right now and you don’t know the root of why the pain is so intense.

It’s because you know win/ lose existence doesn’t work. You’re confused right now, you don’t know what to do with your hormones, your fantasies.

That’s why I’m here.

You see Jason, even since you were a child, you always fantasized about meeting your future self... old men would walk down the sidewalk, and you’d look at them to see if they came for you. You’ve never trusted anyone besides yourself.

I know the ‘darkness’ in this existence more than you right now. People think they can write books to change the world... they are extremely naive but sometimes well intentioned.

The best thing you can do is to live in truth. People will see your life, not your books, as a beauty that came from beyond all of this.

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PostPosted: Tue Sep 22, 2020 11:53 pm
by Ecmandu
Cherry Blossom Rain: Chapter 26

Me still speaking to my 16 year old self...

Jason, you’ll someday encounter religious texts and they will infuriate you. That’s because you’re still a hypocrite. The only thing that makes people angry is hypocrisy.

As you age, this will begin to subside.

Now, I must tell you... I have the power to actually travel back in time and teach this to you, but I can’t ... changing timelines hurts spirits tremendously. You’ll understand this someday because there are spirits who did do this.

Your integrity is impeccable.

There are a great many crypto-religious people throughout history. But every time you see it, it hurts your spirit, great soul pain.

In you Jason, is the power of non destiny. The grace of non destiny.

So, I sit with you here today, in my imagination, although if I chose so, this conversation doesn’t have to be imaginary.

I sit here with you today to tell you that you will never be a great person until you make everyone a great person.

Jason, I’m sorry you went through all that, I truly am.

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PostPosted: Wed Sep 23, 2020 11:20 pm
by Ecmandu
Cherry Blossom Rain: Chapter 27

Still speaking to my 16 year old self...

What is blasphemy? This concept torments souls unbelievably so. But I offer you some comic relief.

Let’s turn the tables...

Blasphemy is not giving everyone what they want when they want it when you have the power to do so.

By that definition, we are all living in blasphemy right now.

Is life good?

Not currently. It can be, but all life in existence as it currently exists is bad; not good.

In a win/lose existence... it’s always bad.

We need a win/win/win.... existence for life to be good. Only in that condition can life be good. The rest is garbage. That garbage will send you to hell.

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PostPosted: Thu Sep 24, 2020 5:58 pm
by Ecmandu
Cherry Blossom Rain: Chapter 28

This is still me talking to my 16 year old self.

Murder in abortion is ok, as I already explained.

But I left you wondering how other murder is ok.

The only other murder that is ok is defending someone else. I could write a huge tome on this topic, but the only thing that matters is who you’re murdering and why. I’ll leave it at, “this should be intuitive to you”.

Better, way better, than murder is subduing someone...

Not everyone has the ability to subdue or murder ... but you should try.

People are really funny! I’ll tell you something funny about people.... non-violence and non property!

I just explained murder to you, now I’ll explain property.

If people keep stealing your food and you don’t believe in property (and neither do they) You’ll die of starvation!

If nobody respects your teepee, they huddle into your room and all sleep on you and you’ll die of suffocation !

Property concepts are EXTREMELY peaceful.

They can also be abusive. Again I can write a huge tome on this topic as well, but, again, I’ll just leave it as, “this should be intuitive to you”

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PostPosted: Fri Sep 25, 2020 5:37 pm
by Ecmandu
Cherry Blossom Rain: Chapter 29

Still to my 16 year old self...

Jason, you are an axiomist. You only believe something is true if you can prove that existence can’t exist if it’s false.

What sets you apart from others is that your mind is capable of this.

People with minds that don’t work like yours get very political. You’re not an apolitical person, you’re simply an axiomist. You uphold and defend anything already solved and work to solve more.

You’ll realize how upsetting it is to observe democrats, independents, republicans etc... they are in a fog of illusion and delusion.

Religious people do the same thing. Be steady with people. Keep teaching.

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PostPosted: Fri Sep 25, 2020 5:38 pm
by Ecmandu
Cherry Blossom Rain: Chapter 30

Still speaking to myself as a 16 year old...

Freedom is the power to do anything you want at anytime you want, but, and this is important as well, freedom is also learning at your own pace and not someone else’s pace.

Everyone wants freedom. This species has clunked along very clumsily with freedom. 2 steps forward, one step back.... 4 steps back, one step forward.

I send these messages to teach you at my pace, and you may not want to read them. The urgency I feel in sending these is because there’s always one exception to consent violation... speaking to, defining and doing something about abuse and disempowering abusers (violating their consent).

My abuse of others when I was younger was psychological. Sometimes that even hurts more than physical abuse. Although, technically, physical abuse is also psychological abuse.

But back to freedom. Abusers quite simply are acting out our general reality. We live in an extremely abusive reality. Strength in this existence is not acting it out, it’s resisting it.

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PostPosted: Fri Sep 25, 2020 11:55 pm
by Ecmandu
Cherry Blossom Rain: Chapter 31

Me still talking to my 16 year old self...

I asked my older self why I say that the wicked have better lives...

Ok, let me put it to you very simply.

I’m hyper sexual ... I will always want to have sex with anyone I’d want to have sex with.

I don’t have sex. It’s not fun.

But here you have all these fuckheads, running around, fucking anything they want, having babies, having families, and they fucking love their lives.

I refuse sex for MORAL reasons!!!

I think if you have sex with someone you desire, you are a winner in a world of 8 billion losers.

That’s the worst fucking idea I’ve ever heard!!!

But people do it day in and day out, perfectly content, and ZERO morality.

I’m trying to wake this species up. Sometimes it’s not fun.

But Jason, one advantage you have over the wicked is how fucking beautiful it is to live in your mind. You may not have the adulation of sex, but when these people get sent to deeper hells, you can survive when they can’t. You were forged in hell. Stupid shit for sure, always is, but you’ll always be able to be beautiful. And beauty inside and out (and you’re not much to look at) is always the most valuable thing in existence.

People with no morals delight in it, but it’s a shallow delight, it’s not the delight of coming against and with the breath of life itself.

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PostPosted: Fri Sep 25, 2020 11:57 pm
by Ecmandu
Cherry Blossom Rain: Chapter 32

Me still talking to my 16 year old self...

Jason, you don’t understand who you are.

When this was all formed, you came out as the counter-balancing force for everyone. This doesn’t make you great, it just makes you what you are.

People cry and say, “why don’t you help me?”

You all agreed to this! These are not soul contracts, this is just what everyone thought was a good idea at the time.

I have the power to send everyone to hell for 5 FUCKING SECONDS and change the whole world.

This is your idiocy, not mine.

Existence is a democracy, not a dictatorship. I do occasionally intervene on VERY serious stuff. But I’m not here to go against our collective spirits.

And if that doesn’t wake you up, I don’t know what will.

Every fucking person on earth is a god, you are so much more powerful than you can possibly comprehend right now and you don’t even know it. I do know it.

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PostPosted: Sat Sep 26, 2020 7:17 pm
by Ecmandu
Cherry Blossom Rain: Chapter 33

Me still talking to my 16 year old self...

Jason, you don’t know this now, and it’s going to blow your mind...

Everything is both sentient as it’s own being and as a whole.

When you eat a vegetable, you’re causing as much pain as eating cow meat.

This reality is pain central for all beings! Vegans are not better people than carnivores. And starving yourself to death is not a good decision either.

I always accept suicide. But in stating this; I always tell people, “if you can’t solve your problem here, you can’t solve it somewhere else”. I always want people to think on that.

The reason people hate the fact that nobody wants their consent violated is that they realize that everyone is having their consent violated. This hurts them because they see complete meaningless to all of this (as they should) and they also realize that no matter what they do, they’re always hurting someone here.

My spirit came out of our current initial conditions to offer you hyper-dimensional mirror realities when you can understand the importance of this. The universe always provides. We weren’t complete idiots when we made all of this...

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PostPosted: Sun Sep 27, 2020 1:25 am
by Ecmandu
Cherry Blossom Rain: Chapter 34

Still speaking to my 16 year old self....

Never, ever, get cocky about hell. No matter who the fuck you are.

Every possible being in existence can be put somewhere that they desperately don’t want to be.

I feel sorry for moral nihilists who don’t act in good faith (there are moral nihilists who do). The moral nihilists who do act in good faith realize that a conscience helps them in this (from their perspective) meaningless world in a very selfish way. Good on them!

Hell is not what you think it is. It’s much worse.

You’d think by looking at existence that evil people have it easy; because, Look at the entire history of politics on earth. The funny thing is, people who deal in the hell game treat good people like shit. They are testing them. They already know the hearts of the wicked... and they just sit there, smiling, as the wicked think they are good because they succeed, and then the spirits move in for ‘the kill’.

Jason, some people will heed your warnings, some won’t. You’re offering everyone a way out, and even then they don’t listen. Our spirits can do whatever we want with all of this when and if we all decide it.

To be awakened is to know that everyone is in hell already... to be wise is to work towards the least brutal hell every second of your life. And man Jason, we never die. That should scare anyone about their behavior!

People in hell like you more than people in heaven... people in heaven don’t want to be bothered with suffering others... people in hell do it everyday. The sad part about our current existence is that the people who suffer more are more intelligent. Hell always overthrows heaven, until they get complacent.

Your role in existence is to tell people, “fuck all that shit, let’s end it once and for all and all go to heaven forever.”

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PostPosted: Sun Sep 27, 2020 5:10 am
by Ecmandu
Cherry Blossom Rain: Chapter 35

Me still speaking to my 16 year old self....

Jason, at age 16, you already do this, but I want to explain more about this...

You are a hyper-empath. When anyone asks you how your day is going, you deflect by saying things like “just doin’ my Jason things”. Or “movin’ through it”

And people will charge you as being a downer sometimes.

The reason you say this is because, as an empath, you cannot honestly say something like, “I’m doing great!” As what? Someone who’s day is great because a child starves to death in New York City??

And you’ll hear the same thing billions of times over...

“I’m an empath to, but I agree to disagree”.

What this translates as is: I don’t give a shit about anyone but myself, but I’m an empath because I say so.

These people are not empaths... they are psychopaths.

And these psychopaths will always tell you that your deflections bring everyone down.

They’re full of shit. Jason, you fucking breathe their air with them and allow them to speak these words...

And they look at you as some piece of shit.

As much as it hurts, and it will hurt a lot, you’ll understand that these people don’t know what they’re talking about.

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PostPosted: Sun Sep 27, 2020 6:15 pm
by Ecmandu
Cherry Blossom Rain: Chapter 36

I owe it to that cherry tree (at a minimum) to explain ourselves to my ability.

When I said that existence is a democracy, and having survived extremely harsh conditions, I can tell you for certain that trying to be the leader of all this is the worst mistake you can make.

I see this in ‘world leaders’ and I tell them and you Jason, never get cocky about hell. If you’re stupid enough to take on the mantle, everyone has eyes on you and most will scoff at you.

We all did this together. To understand that will save you much grief. Friends are worth more than all of this. Love. Now, I don’t like being cryptic which is why I hesitate to use the word love. You need a lot of wisdom to love well. Friends, however, is more easily grasped and relatable.

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PostPosted: Sun Sep 27, 2020 6:18 pm
by Ecmandu
Cherry Blossom Rain: Chapter 37

I didn’t finish Jason! (I obviously hear all of your thoughts, everyone in existence). So I’m replying to many, many grievances from my chapter 37. Instead of making this chapter 38, I just decided to quote and reply.

There is one other thing that makes someone great.

Making everyone great!

Still speaking to my 16 year old self....

Now if everyone wants you to take on the mantle, of being the leader, you’re in for the ride of your life.

Because what the mantle actually is, in reality, is to get everyone to like you forever and to get everyone to agree on the same things.

That’s why you’re in for the ride of your life.

Impossible tasks make people great.

The definition of great is that people don’t send you to the deepest hells.

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PostPosted: Sun Sep 27, 2020 6:19 pm
by Ecmandu
Cherry Blossom Rain: Chapter 38

Still speaking to my 16 year old self...

Jason, you did all this, all of these messages are truly you.

Your edit in chapter 37, your reply, was another being who saved tons of people by correcting you with your own words. People really do love you, they’re looking out for you. Again, this is a democracy and you need your friends in order to survive and thrive. You can’t do it all yourself. The being who intervened on chapter 37 with an reply/edit was a god. You have taught this god more than it knew. And this god returned the favor by speaking what you have said and intended to say in that message.

This is the way life works, the more friends you have, the more people look out for you. Sometimes you have blind spots, and they as well.

And these kinds of things are reciprocation.

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PostPosted: Mon Sep 28, 2020 5:33 pm
by Ecmandu
Cherry Blossom Rain: Chapter 39

Me still talking to my 16 year old self...

Jason, you’re one of those people who loves truth and integrity. You’re not the only one.

About 90% of people hate you for calling them psychopaths when they say “how are you? I’m fine, and you?”

You know what’s worse than a psychopath? Is a closeted psychopath. Most psychopaths are not necessarily consent violators on the scale that people portray them. If I tell a true psychopath that knows that they’re a psychopath that they are a psychopath ... they feel glad, and not in denial. “You’re right, I am a psychopath, thanks for noticing”

Its the 90% of closeted psychopaths that you really have to worry about (90% of the total population).

They think that they all “walk on water”, and bursting that bubble angers them.

Simply telling people “I’m just doing Jason things”. Is holding the space for all beings in existence.

If I were to say that “I’m doing fine”, I stop holding that space for others. I’ve heard many psychopaths tell me that they are empaths. Empaths never say things like, “I’m fine, and you?” Empaths can always spot another empath. Someone who protests that they are an empath will storm away when you tell them that they’re a psychopath. Get used to it Jason.

The upside of all of this is that about 10% of the population (even a lot of psychopaths) love truth and not lies when it comes to the big things. Everyone lies about the small things sometimes (even me) and for good reason.

Lies about many things are not the worse things. The whole truth always comes out eventually anyways. It’s when the big truths come out and people storm away that cause concern.

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PostPosted: Mon Sep 28, 2020 5:36 pm
by Ecmandu
Cherry Blossom Rain: Chapter 40

Still speaking to my 16 year old self...

The way that your spirit works is to raise the level of consciousness in existence EXTREMELY FAST!

The main reason you are the way that you are is because if you witness a contradiction or contradict yourself... the pain in your spirit is almost immeasurable. That’s why you got so angry with existence!

They were all hurting you immensely every moment of everyday and that’s not even counting the hells!

You were forged in hell. It’s not like Bane in the Batman movie who was ideologically twisted.... most people think someone forged in hell must be a horrible person.

It’s not like the movies. Hell always overthrows heaven because heaven becomes complacent. And then when all those new people in the hells overthrow heaven again, it’s an endless absurd cycle. My offer is still on the table.

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PostPosted: Tue Sep 29, 2020 5:36 pm
by Ecmandu
Cherry Blossom Rain: Chapter 41

Me still talking to my 16 year old self....

Jason, you’re not even remotely close to the good person you think you are right now. Not because you can’t be good, but because you’re confused and ignorant.

That’s why I hypothetically speaking to you right now...

You currently are a narcissist, a psychopath, a borderline, a histrionic, obsessive personality disorder and a megalomaniac. You recover from this eventually.

Part of why you had to go through that phase is so that you could understand and be helpful to others.

Your training in hell taught you that hyperdimensional mirror realities need multiple levels of redundant security.

When you we’re sent to hell, you learned an extremely valuable lesson... everyone on earth can be possessed against their will with hell on earth to give you heaven on earth without you even knowing it.

That’s why one of your layers of redundancy is that all mediums of communication are introduced as “this is your hyperdimensional mirror heaven.” Everything going your way is not a good enough level of redundancy.

You also stay behind. Why? Because you’re the only person who knows everything that you know, and because you don’t want to leave anyone behind.

Can you imagine the horror of the maybe 10,000 people who fully understand you, all just leaving everyone else behind ?? That’s not who you are.

What are your goals in life? Sending every being in existence to their own heaven forever without violating anyone’s consent ... and for once in your life, saying, “I’m doing good today because it’s a good day.”.

I want to reiterate to you:

In order to be interesting, you need to set an impossible task for yourself.

In order to be great, you need to make everyone great.

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PostPosted: Tue Sep 29, 2020 5:39 pm
by Ecmandu
Cherry Blossom Rain: Chapter 42

Me still talking to my 16 year old self....


I know right now that living forever, getting everything you want, scares you. Forever scares the shit out of people. But let me console you. You’ll still feel the pang of excitement of who you become 10,000 years from now....

And when that scares you, you’ll still feel the pang of excitement 100,000 years from now. And on and on.

Not to mention... you’re reflecting every existent spirit (which is infinite). You can travel to anyplace in space and time and beyond. You’re afraid that being the only person in your reality will upset you. Hyperdimensional mirrors REFLECT all possible beings in existence... it’s as real as this is, but you’re not killing to survive (bacteria for example), you’re not taking at the expense of another. All the emotions are still as real as you see fit. The difficulty levels are as easy or difficult as you see fit.

To think that existence has limitations to keep you entertained forever Without consent violation or death is to severely underestimate existence and yourself. So Jason. Your offer is always on the table.

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PostPosted: Tue Sep 29, 2020 10:04 pm
by Ecmandu
Cherry Blossom Rain: Chapter 43


You have a good sense of humor...

42 is “the meaning of life and everything” in the newest movie version of Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy”.

Message 43 is your current age, and one to grow on from 42.

The end of our discussion.

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PostPosted: Wed Sep 30, 2020 9:25 pm
by Ecmandu
Cherry Blossom Addendum: Chapter 2

Cherry Blossom Addendum: Chapter 2

I’ve used this phrasing before and people get furious at me... but it’s true.

As I’ve outlined in my first chapter of the non-addendum sequence , the concept of approach escalation causes it to be impossible for heterosexuals to not be raping each other at the same time without it being an easily overlooked rape that I call ‘subtle rape’. I also showed how the only way heterosexuals can even hope to have consensual sex in this species is to go back to before the Stone Age and maybe do it right the first time.

The phrase I used is extremely provocative:

When you have euphoric recall (good memories) for something like your past sex.,. Let’s even say you masturbate to this memory... this is exactly like a rapist masturbating to a past rape they committed.

It’s sick and abhorrent. I want people to know how soul sick they really are. You can’t heal any other way.

My guidelines for masturbation are lack of prostitution and public mediums where exclusion isn’t implied. Such as an internet post. Obviously all heterosexual internet stuff even if it’s not prostitution is still subtle rape.

I find this hilarious personally! Homosexuals are actually the only population on earth capable of consensual sex because they don’t have sex dimorphism! They just need to teach these things to make it consensual as well. Since I’m the only person who figured this out... yes, all past homosexual sex has been subtle rape as well...

The reason I find it funny, is the irony of weirdos in the straight population thinking homosexual sex is an abomination!

Now, I’m not a homosexual. I’m not biased in terms of conflict of interest. I have no “skin in the game”, other than to lay out pits in life that you can avoid.

To add to all this... I went a step further, and I recommend this as well... it’s not an order...

Even in the homosexual population where sex has the possibility of being consensual... I would still refuse it as protest again the win/lose problem/nature of this life right now.

I do bluntly state that this world is not good, not yet, but it can be.