From pure hearted to decidedly meek in 15 years

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From pure hearted to decidedly meek in 15 years

Postby 1mpious » Thu Sep 25, 2014 11:37 am

Here there was no enemy of life, no naive moral monster, nothing of slave wisdom at all in fact. I have from the beginning been dead to such a deprived existence, in the end the truly meek man will put up with it only so much as he must. The years I spent in purgatory were torturous upon the mind, and I often cracked up under the strain. I later found that self control in such matters is an integral part of being meek. I also found out the meek are free to be immoralist, indeed such is the formula of Nietzsche's decent man who is now my way to spiritual health, my preferred being, my answer to the doubt that has plagued me for so long.
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