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Required Watching

Postby newegg » Tue Jun 05, 2018 10:23 am

This is a list of movies, high priority to low priority, as required watching to be a full, complete, human being. Without these movies you may be lacking the traits to be considered a full and complete human being. An explanation will be provided at the very bottom of the page for each movie and a rationale behind it. It is my belief that many moderns have psychological problems, which are caused because they never watched these movies. These should be watched in exactly the order provided. Actually I'm kidding. Mainly the order only matters on the first three and you can watch the rest in whatever order you want.

1. StarWars 456,123
2. My Little Pony Equestria Girls Movies 1,2,3,4
3. Pokemon The First Movie
4. Super Mario Bros The Movie
6. Gone With The Wind
7. Jurassic Park 1
8. Timmy the Toothbrush Big Mouth Gulch
9. The Rugrats Movie
10. Star Trek Generations
11. Beatles Movie Yellow Submarine
12. Original Sherlock Holmes TV Show with Basil Rathbone
13. Blade Runner 2018
14. Inside Out
15. Dragonheart 1 and 2
16. George of the Jungle
17. Barbie Fairytopia: Mermadia
18. Thunderbolt
19. God Bless America
20. The Patriot
21. Avatar
22. Apocalypse Now
23. Snow Dogs
24. Toy Story 2

Experimental Movies (It is uncertain if these movies are essential to be a complete human being.)
0. Scrooge with Patrick Stewart
1. Sound of Music
2. Clockwork Orange
3. Lo
4. Bridge on the River Kwai
5. Crying Game
6. Wizard of Oz
7. The Blob
8. Dante's Peak
9. Manchurian Candidate

Trash movies (Overrated movies that suck)
1. Ghostbusters (The Original)
2. Titanic
3. 2001 a Space Oddysey
4. Any of the movies that show up when you google "List of Movies"
5. Pulp Fiction
6. Close Encounters of the Third Kind
7. Rocky
8. StarGate Movie (But I like the TV series)
9. Jaws
10. Lawrence of Arabia
11. Lord of the Rings (Fuck em)
12. Harry Potter (Fuck em)

Banned movies (Either these movies will ruin minds, and must be banned from society, or are simply too mundane to watch.)
1. All of the Hannibal movies
2. Call me By Your Name
3. Rocky Horror Picture Show
4. Shocking Dark
5. Empire (1964)

All around me are savages. Human society questions my judgement of movies. I cannot explain in words why my movies are of supreme taste, but I will try. I look at this list here. No need to click it yet, unless you wish. ... ch-now/10/

I look at this list and I see movies chosen by simple minds. Made, by simple minds. They cannot comprehend my divine essence. They mock and criticize me, for liking superior movies. But how many of their movies, are simply listed because, it is cool, or is popular to list them, because everyone else is listing them? How many of them realize that what they think is "taste" in movies, is just regurgitated ideas perpetuated of the mediocre minds, the conglomerate of sheeple around them. If only they could gaze into my mind. If I had the money I would make a movie so exquisite that they wouldn't even know the word movie. All of these other movies they would see for what they truly are, and that my movie is the true movie of glory and grace.

So here is my explanation of my listing. By the way, this listing is by no means complete, check back later and more movies may be added.
1. You must absolutely watch these movies to be a full human being. I witness Diebert of Genius Forums. He says he cannot watch more than 5 minutes of these movies. He is a sick man, missing a vital component of his humanity.
Still, others say that 456 are good, but 123 are trash. You may think the movies 123 are trash, but they affect your dreams in a profound way. Without these movies you are not a complete human being and your dream world will missing vital components.
2. Again, these movies are vital to being a human being. If you cannot sit and watch these movies you are an incomplete person, a human with a malfunction in the brain. Again, these are also vital components to the dream world.
3. An artistic masterpiece. Only a dolt could not appreciate such a grand masterpiece of art.
4. Some say this movie is trash because it diverges from the real mario. However this movie is a truly profound and surreal masterpiece that will forever richen your dreams.
5. This is a surreal and divine movie. If you are a simpleminded modern moron who cannot sit still for 5 minutes then you are missing out on a masterpiece of the truly divine. This is to be cherished and experienced.
6. Some claim this is the greatest movie ever. All moderns must be forced to watch this movie. This movie shows people the true nature of reality.
7. An epic and savage movie. If you dont watch this you are missing a part of your spirit. Without it the foliage in your soul will not grow. The wonderful, beautiful, foliage. Without it your body is missing a temple.
8. Although only 30 minutes this is profoundly strange. And will truly change you into the divine.
9. Can't remember if this is movie was actually good. But watch because Angelica.
10. The best Star Trek movie and will forever warp your mind, for the better.
11. Profound, surreal, and metaphorical. A must watch.
12. Although not a movie, if you dont watch some of the episodes you are an uncultured and soulless brute.
13. Profoundly boring if you are not high. But if you watch it high, this is one of the most profound experiences you will ever have.
14. A very deeply sad movie about the human mind.
15. Profoundly emotional and medieval.
16. There is something great about this movie that I cannot quite explain.
17. An absolutely wonderful movie, so perfect that it has no flaws. It is similar in spirit to the Metroid games.
18. If you do not watch this movie you simply do not have the Asian spirit.
19. A profoundly entertaining movie.
20. An epic of the ages.
21. Another epic of the ages.
22. A Shakespearean epic of the ages.
23. Watched this movie several times, and strangely it never grew old.
24. The Best Toy Story Movie.

Experimental movies
0. (Because I put this one in last.) Very creepy, just super fucking creepy like twilight zone. Will fucking creep you out for months.
1. A little too long for my taste but a classic. I can only remember 3 scenes, her singing on the castle walls and the nazi guy shaking with the gun, and a green kind of yard with trees.
2. Another creepy movie, which will creep you out for months.
3. Yet another creepy movie but it is profoundly sad.
4. Can't remember it too well, but I remember something good of it.
5. A movie about a transsexual, and the Irish IRA terrorist organization. One of the few LBGT movies that doesn't suck.
6. A classic, but I feel, a bit dated in terms of production quality.
7. A very good movie, however I feel after watching it once is enough.
8. A great movie showcasing the pig-headedness of the average human politician.
9. A great movie and another creepy classic.

Trash movies
1. A degenerate city movie, seems popular with scrubs. Bill Murray is the only thing that makes this movie watchable.
2. Boring as hell, don't watch it, unless you're gay for Leonardo DiCaprio.
3. I said the last one is boring as hell. This one, literally is boring as the abyss.
4. Self explanatory
5. Its a good movie, but overrated a bit.
6. Boring shit.
7. Masculine movie about a boxing guy. Testosterone fest.
8. The first stargate movie sucked ass, especially the desert art style. But I absolutely love the TV series. I did not like the movie it was too serious. Richard Dean Anderson is a better fit for the show.
9. Meh. How can you make a serious movie about a fucking shark. Just dont go to the beach for fuck's sake. I couldn't take the movie seriously because the premise was so stupid.
10. Movie is kind of drawn out and gets gay and rapey near the end.
11. Its alright but after you watch it a few times it gets old. Its another one of those testosterone fest movies that relies on nothing but masculine vibes and hubris to sustain itself.
12. Similar to lord of the rings, but in reverse. It relies on nothing more than female hubris to sustain itself.

Banned movies
1. disturbing and ruins the minds of children.
2. boring as hell a story about a bi man and a 17 year old bi guy. the story is fucking stupid and disobeys the rules of TV tropes. Firstly it develops the character as a musical prodigy however after 1/3 of the movie, his musical prodigy is no longer explored by the script-writers. Most of the movie is absolute silence. This is one of the worst movies ever made, worse than even the ROOM. The irony is that it is praised as the best movie ever made.
3. This is a stupid, corny and boring movie, and is overrated. Tim Curry does not look hot in drag and the plot is so corny that it makes Scooby Doo look like a masterpiece.
4. This is the second worst movie ever made. It was supposed to be a Terminator ripoff movie but it was changed into a sci fi ripoff movie. It has some of the worst acting you will ever see in your life and makes the ROOM look like a decent movie. It is rated 4.8/10 on Rotten Tomatoes clearly showcasing the corruption and sheer incompetence of the critics on that site, as it should firmly be given a 0 out of 10.
5. This is the worst movie ever made. All it is is Andy Warhol setting a camera down for 8 hours under the Empire State Building and calling it "art".

I am the last bastion of this generation. I am the only true critic. I am the only one of my entire generation fit to run the museums and preserve the truths of artistic history. The rest of my generation has fallen ill to the disease of Modern Art. I am Asgard.
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Re: Required Watching

Postby Fixed Cross » Thu Jun 07, 2018 5:33 pm

Interesting. What is Lo about?
I always figure you would like Two if by Sea. But Im sure Im wrong for some unfathomable reason.

You've got so much ideas about this, I got to wonder, do you ever write scenes?
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