a general note to all

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a general note to all

Postby Peter Kropotkin » Fri Dec 18, 2020 5:59 pm

I have been here since 2005 and I gotta say, the kids
on this website, ILP, have completely destroyed it....

the engagement with philosophy that is the center of ILP is
gone.... these kids wouldn't know philosophy if it bit them on
the ass, thinking about it, they also don't know history or economics
or science or political theory to name a few disciplines they are clueless

their engagement with any subject is shallow, paper thin to be exact...
and it never seems to have a point outside of "winning" an argument...
facts, reality means nothing to these kids... they just make up shit
and claim its true regardless of the facts present that say otherwise....

for example, IQ45 has already lost the election.. the electoral collage did
that... but these kids are so ignorant and clueless they try to bring in all
kinds of ignorant nonsense to support their already given point of view....

in other words, information and facts are meant to bolster already held
biases and prejudice and bigotry....

there is no attempt to discover or find the reality of any given situation....
the truth is irrelevant to them.. the already held biases and prejudices
are what matter....

that isn't philosophy...that is dogma.... the very thing that philosophy is
attempting to overcome..... we, each of us, holds onto childhood indoctrinations
and biases.... philosophy as a goal isn't to confirm already held biases or
indoctrinations...... to reach a stage where our beliefs and understanding
of the universe is found in what we have overcome, the childhood indoctrinations
and biases that were instilled into us as children and young adults....

the point isn't to confirm our childhood bias that "America is the greatest
country on earth", no, the point is to overcome our biases and indoctrinations
and come to our own conclusions and understanding about the statement
at hand.....the question is asked, is America the greatest country on earth?

and the answer is clearly no...... but the question is about what is next?

what is next? the right wing will clearly fight Biden every step of the way
and in doing so, further destroy what chance we have in turning it around so
that America is at least in the conversation about the greatest country on Earth....

you see it in kids around here and in the right wing in general....
a slavish devotion to the immediate cause at hand, but no
thought to what those actions might mean in the long run...

so, the kids will fight for IQ45 to be president without any
thought as to the long term ramification of that....

their understanding of the situation is paper thin, at best..
and they fail to see what the results of their actions might be....

and philosophy is about thinking about past, present and, and the future...

philosophy is about getting down to the base or bottom of our
thinking..... Descartes at least had the right idea, strip away
or strip down our thinking into what is the basis of our beliefs.....

should I hold this belief and then WHY should I hold this belief?

the kids never ask themselves this fundamental question, why
should I hold this belief? what is its value today AND tomorrow?
there is no sense of time in the kids thinking.. everything exists
right here, right now........

I admit I am getting frustrated with this site and the kids who seem
to be determined to destroy it.....

and so I will do what I come to this site to do, which is philosophy...
and so I shall.... but what I won't do anymore is give air to these
kids and their nonsense......... I am done with them.....

I am going to engage in philosophy and that is all I am going to do....

so I will not engage with these kids anymore......

let them hold their circle jerk off by themselves......

and in so doing so, I encourage those left, those very few left,
to also ignore the kids... don't give them any oxygen to breath......

ignore them.... so I ask, IAM and Mr. R... don't engage....

let them be... they have no interest in what we are thinking so why
should we engage with them?

I know, I know, I too have the urge to correct their many, many stupidities

but we can't... they will never learn nor do they ever attempt to learn...

they are lost... they are beyond the point of saving....let them go....

this is a philosophy site, not a day care center for children...
let them be...

I shall engage in philosophy and I encourage you to do so as well....

Peter Kropotkin
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Re: a general note to all

Postby Pedro I Rengel » Fri Dec 18, 2020 6:03 pm


I'm just kidding tldr.
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Re: a general note to all

Postby Mr Reasonable » Sat Dec 19, 2020 6:57 am

i hear what youre saying peter and youre probably right about most all of that. its like a whole generation of entitled youngsters with a.d.d. out here thinking that bluster is what makes the world go around. but i do get a kick out of harassing them a bit. i mean eventually with enough persistence i do believe you can crack through almost any shell. in my spare time, which is limited, its a fun way to kill a few minutes to try and force people to reason and look at reality. the q shit is strong. its made to make dumb people feel smart. thats a tough one to deal with but its good exercise i guess if you have the patience for it.
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Re: a general note to all

Postby Twilight of the Idols » Wed Dec 23, 2020 8:22 am

Got a lot of Old Man Yells at Cloud reading that, and your leftist bias bleeds through every word (even if I didn't already know that about you).

To your point about "the kids never ask [...] why should I hold this belief? what is its value today AND tomorrow?", this is I suppose interesting but certainly not new for people in general, let alone "kids."

If you're just talking about the seriousness or lack thereof of philosophical discussion here at ILP, hell man that ship sailed forever ago. By the time Dunamis, detrop, Imp and people like that were gone it was 90% over imo.
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