Where he at?

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Where he at?

Postby iambiguous » Mon Aug 06, 2018 7:52 pm

Just out of curiosity...

I have long since stopped participating in "discussions" over at Know Thyself.

But that's never stopped me from popping in there from time to time in order to follow the arguments that Satyr makes. And while I clearly don't share his philosophical or political bent, he does manage to make points [re genes and memes] that are certainly worth considering. And debating.

He's just stuck in gear whenever he encounters someone who refuses to think exactly like he does about...everything.

Anyway, he has been absent from the forum now for weeks. And, in his absence, the discussions there have shrunk to a trickle.

So, what gives? Vacation? Dead? Trekking the globe with Lyssa?
He was like a man who wanted to change all; and could not; so burned with his impotence; and had only me, an infinitely small microcosm to convert or detest. John Fowles

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