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Postby Fixed Cross » Thu May 31, 2018 5:42 pm

Just reading an old Asterix that belonged to Sauwelios' dad.
These things are always the best.
This one is "Asterix and the Norsemen" (Asterix et les Normands)
in which the eager Norsemen set out to discover the secret of fear, a phenomenon unknown to them.

"This can go on any longer! It is shameful to not know everything! Throughout the world people talk of fear! Even the weakest peoples know fear, and yet we don't!"

"We, who know all! We, who know all!"

"But O Grossebaf, whats the use of this famous fear of which we don't know?"

"It appears that fear gives wings, by Odin. She will allow us to fly, like birds!"

"Par Odin"
"Par Thor
"Par exemple!"

"I propose that we set sail today, to the riverbanks where they know fear! There we will sow destruction if it will but make us understand the secret!"

"Thats it!"
"Long live Grossebaf, our chef!"

"And I promise that we will be able to say to the face of the admiring world: the Norsemen know what fear is! The Norsemen are the most fearful of all!"
The strong do what they can, the weak accept what they must.
- Thucydides
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