My more mature message to the world

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My more mature message to the world

Postby Ecmandu » Sun Dec 31, 2017 4:49 am

We all have a great trauma. The best way to get people together peacefully and in accord with the nature that sustains us is to gather hundreds of millions of intentional communities to solve something tangible that we can observe and feel proud of: working to problem of sexual stratification of number of partners through better communication towards positive outcome. This will make a truly global community. Our trauma is that we didn't emerge this way, our trauma is that religion shames sex as the highest attainment, shames penetrative sex as a shame to bear upon ourselves for pregnancy, these tricksters got us to be so ashamed, we barely discuss sexuality in a healthy way!! That was a crime against humanity!! It's still being perpetrated!!

The message is simple. Our deep wound where we use associative aggression, is our knowledge that we were born from abuse and neglect, that had it been remotely more sensical, the world would be at much greater peace but we wouldn't have been born at all, or at least in this context!! That is our great wound!!

It is also our freedom!! My message of no marriage, we don't own each other, we don't signify ownership of beings other than ourselves

We love each other. You are free!! You can make fun of all religion, but you cannot, nor will not, ever make fun of our trauma as it remains tormenting, and you will never make fun of more peace, more love, more joy and better communication.

Hold council with your knowledge of our great trauma, and you will begin to experience community moving forward, people who were hiding in anger will realize that it was associative, and not who they need to be... we all share the crappy story of our past, and we still cherish beauty in gratitude wherever it arises, hold tight and don't be afraid to ask for more...

The gift I give is to make a joke of all our religions, that is your freedom, cultivating love, joy, compassionate understanding, and most importantly, better communication of speech, concept and emotion...

Nobody owns another being, but we can be with each other chipping abuse away with the light of knowledge and insight.

We collectively got crappy religion, we collectively got crappy community, and we collectively hold this trauma, and we yearn to heal from it... the first stage is to name it: our religions were crap. Everyone wants SOME suffering in life... Buddhism is wrong!!

We can state the obvious and laugh with our past, and move forward with the core: cultivating more love, joy, gratitude, peace and better communication
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