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Game Design

Postby Dan~ » Mon May 12, 2014 6:56 pm

For the last 3 days I was working off and on, on a new game. The old version of it I am working from is from years ago.

There is a website called good old games dot com, or

There I bought master of orion 1 and 2.

My game is like a fan of 2, even though it is different.

If I were to finish it I think it would take years. But even when it is not complete, I enjoy thinking and typing and sitting there.

I run out of steam, I wish I had more will power and creativity. But it is still a nice hobby.

I use GM8 to make games. I also have a PHP project that I stopped working on. I searched and found some other game making software that was far more complex and difficult to use. I think I'll be sticking with GM8 for a long time. I make sure to back up the game every time I work on it. I have a jump drive for all my important files.
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