What are you doing?

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Re: What are you doing?

Postby derleydoo » Thu Jul 22, 2021 2:05 am

Peter Kropotkin wrote:
derleydoo wrote:Preparing to listen to the man labeled, "World's most powerful man".

There are those who would have me believe the man is senile.

Thought I would take the opportunity to decide for myself.

I am under the impression he is speaking live from Cincinatti. :-k

K: I cannot listen to him without anti nausea medicine..


Well, he isn't displaying senility!

Didn't you vote for the fella, Mister K?
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Re: What are you doing?

Postby MagsJ » Thu Jul 22, 2021 11:23 pm

Mr Reasonable wrote:one of those places i went a few weeks ago can get so quiet in some spots that you can hear your eyes blink

Woooooah! No?

I’m in the middle of London, so I can only presume that the burgeoning leaves on the trees and hedges are buffering out the city’s noise.. well, making it sound muffled and distant.. at the very least.

What am I doing? Thinking about the surf n turf that I am going to have for dinner tomorrow.. having been living off of coffee, vegetable soup, a couple of gluten-free roti, and an orange, this week, I am very-much looking forward to this meal.
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