3 stooges -Moe

The origins of the imperative, "know thyself", are lost in the sands of time, but the age-old examination of human consciousness continues here.

3 stooges -Moe

Postby Meno_ » Fri Nov 20, 2020 6:41 pm

Cant find it out in time but wanna get it off my chest.

Hesitation, perhaps should've been in sociality OR social or political psychology.

But here. The incredulous notion that THE CHINA BUG, has been in the works for reasons contrary to popular belief: that it was meant for population control, and the vaccine was delayed, be cause, by the time it will be distributed , to a time that will be surmised as being less than a critical stage, which may by that time equalize, at least to negligible levels ; that of non critical population levels & to have succeeded for at least (guessing) 10 years of capital survival worldwide)

Thus during that projected temporal interval, (where even escapes from mother earth may become feasible) , would for that interim, enhance. more relative stability, within which to come up with other multiple plans.

Crazy, and the psychological Trumpian naivety is a perfect stooge role in which to stage such a scheme.

Meanwhile I will look for this intimation within the bowels of ILP, ..
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