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Re: Are Leftists Conscious Of Their Dishonesty?

PostPosted: Mon Aug 31, 2020 3:04 pm
by MagsJ
WendyDarling wrote:
MagsJ wrote:Why is everyone paraphrasing Urwrong?

I haven't seen this. Where is that happening?

Oh, you know.. there, here, and elsewhere..

A new religion which incorporates the best of all religions would be fabulous.

Yea, it’s called Individualism.. the Practitioner choosing the various aspects from other practices, that They choose/want to/prefer to/believe in, that works for them and is not detrimental to others. Sounds more like politics than religion, doesn’t it..

Re: Are Leftists Conscious Of Their Dishonesty?

PostPosted: Wed Sep 02, 2020 10:00 am
by Bob
I find the terminology dishonest, I mean “leftists” – what does that really mean? Instead of saying that people who are more concerned with social questions (Liberal) have a different agenda to those whose priority is with keeping the status quo in their favour (Conservative), we tend to put the labels left or right on the groups and fade out their main concerns. In comparison to Europe, America seems far more conservative in general, especially concerning social equality and concern for those who are not privileged. This blatant lack of concern for people in need is what Europeans are most shocked about - although Britain is catching up with the US.

I think that dishonesty isn’t just a liberal weakness, it is just as present among conservatives. It’s dishonest to blend out the fact that when the US was taxing the wealthy more, the whole country made a jump forward. But it is also dishonest to pretend that much of the debate on the left doesn’t weaken their chances of being voted in. The liberals are forever shooting themselves in the foot, even in sight of a president who provokes all the time and has stepped into enough sh*t for a life time. Responsibility is the key word that we need in politics, not just to a minority but towards the whole country.

Re: Are Leftists Conscious Of Their Dishonesty?

PostPosted: Fri Sep 04, 2020 12:16 am
by MagsJ
Fixed Cross wrote:
MagsJ wrote:Fixed Cross said: “Straightforward question.”

Or.. it could be a subconscious allegiance, to a pre-inherited Leftist mindset of an ancestral past, that has become innate over time.

People here are jumping off the Leftist-horse in their droves, from the realisation of what the Left (here) are really about and what they are doing.. they are penalising their own voters, in an attempt to fund their anti-resident initiatives, and so causing those residents to jump ship.
Im not too sure about that, because the ideology of leftism is basically antinatalist if you look at it - abortion, transgenderism, social distancing for children, etc - ; it is a disservice to the ancestors. I think leftism, just as mainstream Freudianism, is a symptom of the self-hatred of certain swaths of human life. It acts on ostensibly false logics in order to serve a will to self-annihilation.

I think it depends on locality.. one country’s fascism is another’s idealism, and vice versa. The US is in a panic, in ever becoming a fascist state, but would it ever be maximally so? No, I think not!

This wouldn't be a horrible thing in itself if not for the following fucked up reality; the self-hating human can only justify his self-destruction if he blames his self hatred on someone else whom he can take down with him. Otherwise the feeling of the heroism in the destruction is absent and he doesn't dare to persevere in it. Instead of abandoning the destruction, he creates a fantasy which justifies it, because to abandon the destruction would be to accept to live with oneself, which the thwarted human nature can not do.

The more ancient a nation, the more indoctrinated and innate a Leftist/liberal past, they would have.. how they choose to use that, is another thing altogether.

..and destructing, they are.

Re: Are Leftists Conscious Of Their Dishonesty?

PostPosted: Mon Sep 21, 2020 6:04 pm
by perpetualburn
Urwrongx1000 wrote:The first step out and above Liberal-Leftism, and childhood, is admitting to yourself your own selfishness: "Yes, I am selfish, and yes selfishness is sinful -- how can I become more selfless or how is being selfless possible?"

When I really put energy, effort, and work into these questions and answers, Religion, Christianity, Morality, Spirituality all opened up for me. I had long been critical of Mass Religion, and specifically Judæo-Christianity for blind-faith. But after deconstructing moral-philosophy, I began to understand, that Selflessness is perhaps the most powerful question and behavior of all time. Selflessness raises Man up from animal, and into Human. Because without a deep connection and alignment between person to person ("Love"), there is no "humanity", no specie, and no collective-aim. An individual person cannot achieve much in life, without others helping. Almost all human greatness, perhaps All of it completely, comes from a collection of people.

The only way out, as I see it, is a new wave of Asceticism and New American Religion, a "Post-Christianity", an updated version. The credit has run-out. Today and tomorrow's generation have squandered the reserve of wealth built and consumed by the Baby-boomers and their parents' Greatest Generation. Now, the wealth is gone, replaced by debt. This Century is going to be calamity after calamity. However the standard-of-living is still very high. In order to preserve any previous form of Western greatness and power, will require Sacrifice and Moral Virtue. Of course, average people are not leaders in this, but merely followers. The looney-liberal-left are prime examples of the results of endless Hedonism.

In this age of Squalor, only those actively purging themselves of Post-modern evils, will thrive in the coming struggles. The writing is on the wall, already...

At the end of the day, the Judaeo-Christian ethics of sin makes man effeminate and stupid. Any "Post-Christianity" without sin as its base ceases to be Christianity. Christ open ups salvation for non-Jews while REINFORCING Jewish ethics.

There is something very intoxicating and noble about Christ that draws many towards him though. Read "The Burning Babe" by Robert Southwell... probably the most convincing vision of Christ there is.... Christ simply as Fire....But still... What is the point of experiencing such a vision and then to REVERT back to the shackles of sin... Such a vision should RELEASE you from the shackles of sin into a more Nietzschean becoming of innocence..