Psychology of an Antimarxist

The origins of the imperative, "know thyself", are lost in the sands of time, but the age-old examination of human consciousness continues here.

Re: Psychology of an Antimarxist

Postby Fixed Cross » Fri Aug 28, 2020 1:53 am

Whomever the media are angry with is not cooperating with tyranny.

Silhouette - I saw it with my own eyes buddy.
The strong act as they may, the weak accept what they must.
- Thucydides
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Re: Psychology of an Antimarxist

Postby Urwrongx1000 » Fri Aug 28, 2020 8:28 am

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Re: Psychology of an Antimarxist

Postby Silhouette » Sat Aug 29, 2020 10:57 pm

Fixed Cross wrote:Whomever the media are angry with is not cooperating with tyranny.

Silhouette - I saw it with my own eyes buddy.

I don't doubt what you saw - I bet you've seen a lot.

That's gonna be ingrained in your mind as "what Marxism really is" - I bet. This is perhaps as opposed to something like "this is what a failure to make something positive out of Marxism looks like" - or something to that effect. What you saw was undeniably what it was, but like with all experiences that we go through there's a wide variety of interpretation of what the raw sensory data really means - which is only really constrained by your imagination.
You can tell the unimaginative people from how thinly and shallowly they are "only" able to understand the world, right? The ideologues who can only see the world in one strict way, for example.
By the same token, you don't need me to tell you that there's also countless ways to interpret the world which are completely insane - clearly you have a lot of very strong opinions on what these are.

So we have what you saw with your own eyes, and any degree of interpretation of what that really means.
What's the benchmark against which to assess these interpretations?
The declared intentions of the people involved?
How do you accurately identify and/or classify what you saw with your own eyes?
We know it was pretty shitty, so what bits of the practice match which bits of which theory? Which parts were achieved, what circumstances allowed that, what aspects could have been different and what differences would the net effect of those changes have made? Was the experiment that you saw with your own thoroughly explored inside and out in all possible permutations? Or was the permutation that you experienced just kinda shitty? Theories can explain away all possible permutations as inevitably turning out like the one that you saw. The psychological question here is whether you turn to those theories and regard them as sufficient, or whether you turn to theories that leave open unanswered questions that risk also turning into something just as shitty.... or perhaps something even more terrifying than that: into something that's actually a lot better.
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Re: Psychology of an Antimarxist

Postby Meno_ » Sat Aug 29, 2020 11:33 pm

Marxism is fairly simple, it is a flatlined prophetic necessity to ultimately acknowledge the necessity to differentiate between the brain and the mind.

I see no need to account consciousness between that basic difference and the ones to follow through post structural signs.
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