Are You Depressed?

The origins of the imperative, "know thyself", are lost in the sands of time, but the age-old examination of human consciousness continues here.

Are you depressed?

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Re: Are You Depressed?

Postby Fixed Cross » Tue Apr 27, 2021 3:01 pm

Meno_ wrote:
Fixed Cross wrote:
Meno_ wrote:There are levels of depression, when it rises to 'clinical' then conversely it is a sign of it descending to the lower levels of being from mere existential trepidations.

Yes, it seems there is a kind of 'point of no return', as there exists in psychosis. There is a point when the brain attacks itself with such vehemence that a vicious circle is attained.

Actually there were old therapies tried to get the brain out of conflict with it'self, psychosurgery I believe goes way back, insulin and electroshock were tried, with limited success. But ultimetally, relapses were more common them not.

With the waning of analysis which only a few can afford, psych drugs, street drugs and alcohol are being used, again with limited success, street drugs and alcohol as self cure cause damage to the already compromised conditions of depression .

I heard it said though that milder cases can be simply treated with the knowledge that it's easier to firm a smile with facial muscles then a frown.

Like the Joker in Batman.

One cant be surprised when haphazard experimentation with chemicals and EM on humans doesn't usually lead to a chain of disjunct nuances to be 'repaired' - but clearly, since the brain is an electrochemical device, the application of chemicals in concert with electromagnetism is the key, if there is any, to artificially remediate brainconditions as well as to do basically anything with the brain. Electrochemical engineering is still a very young and precarious field, but immense progress has been attained the past decades. There just are differing interpretations on what a desirable human mindstate amounts to.
The strong act as they may, the weak accept what they must.
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