Being male is the same as being raped.

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Being male is the same as being raped.

Postby lordoflight » Wed Dec 05, 2018 3:31 pm

C. Jung stated in every male is an anima that hates males, in every woman is an animus that loves males. This was written a long time ago, before feminists and modern women and such. But even then it was still a complicated issue, not easy to explain. I'm not sure if his anima/animus theories are exactly true. But I think he is exploring in the right direction, and that there is something yet to be discovered.

I think females are naturally attracted to masculine personalities but not necessarily masculine looks. Studies show male and female brains look about to be the same. So I think masculinity and femininity is universal. What I mean by this is femininity is universally soothing and a turn on to be healed. What I mean is, I don't think anyone is turned on by football announcers voices. I think football announcers are universally annoying. And that female nurses are inherently soothing to both males and females. That is to say, there is a universal attraction to the bravery of love that is masculine confidence, as opposed to the cowardice and paranoia of the closed up female.

That is to say, I don't believe in gender schizophrenia. Gender schizophrenia is the belief that male and female brains are schizophrenic to each other. The belief that males and females look neutral to a genderless brain. And that males hallucinate women to be beautiful angels, and that females hallucinate males to be beautiful angels. I do not think that is the case, I think they look the same no matter what brain. Because look at the state of dating, males get empty inboxes and no attention usually. I think the only reason women have sex with males is if they have a really good personality or good looking. Or their pussy is a thirsty hole, and they need to feel full-filled.

That is to say, there are three main reasons males don't have sex with other males. 1. Males hate other males, they view other males as oppressive and trying to steal their girl. 2. Most males do not have sleek curves and are lumpy like a junker car that has rust. 3. Males do not have holes with sensors, that is males are more insensitive physically.

That is to say, the only reason females are more receptive to males is because they don't hate males. If females hate males they will not be easy and be very hard to have sex with for any male.

That is to say, being male is the same as being raped. Because a male having sex with a female is the same as unity, which is the same as a female born transsexual into a male body. That is to say, males must masturbate. And males also must know their own appearance. Therefore, males are forced to have sex with a male presence. Therefore, all males are forced to have sex with a male, through means of masturbation. This is the same as rape. The degree of rape depends on the uglyness of the male. This is why ugly males are generally viewed as more violent and savage. Since the amount of rape they have to suffer with is more than a handsome male. But both are forced into rape, and having sex with a male, through means of masturbation. That is the male life is violent and brutal, without amenities, this is a subconscious awareness of this fate.
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