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Re: Absolute proof of reincarmatio/eternal return

PostPosted: Tue Jul 09, 2019 6:00 pm
by Meno_
There could be a prime source of timeless beauty that we spring from, that we return to. Or perhaps our so called soul's memory of the illusory past is really a revelation about our soul's essence.

Re: Absolute proof of reincarmatio/eternal return

PostPosted: Tue Jul 09, 2019 6:05 pm
by Meno_
Exuberant Teleportation wrote:There could be a prime source of timeless beauty that we spring from, that we return to. Or perhaps our so called soul's memory of the illusory past is really a revelation about our soul's essence.

This description is in synch with most religious motives and philosophical suppositions.

The middle ages was noted to realize the significance in "The Anima".

Re: Absolute proof of reincarmatio/eternal return

PostPosted: Tue Jul 23, 2019 6:42 am
by Meno_
Consciousness is within and without a general field, where, various forms of evolutionary species develop within variously measured time and space.

The general field theory can only be inferred, from the appearance and the function of memory. That memory is based on binomial signifiers, corresponding to the philosophically predetermined exclusion of a foreground, from a background. The perceptive mode signifies a dynamic structural non linear multidimensional model.

What this may indicates the permeability between various stages of 'memory' or recall.

The evolutionary flux may be driven by the extatuc nature of various 'bits' of memory, that do correspond to various psychic and mental states which are stratified at certain time points into absolute to relative meaningful blends of specie-individuation.
Since individuation is relative to families of resembling qualities, absolute individuation is the necessary conduit through which it has to be reducible to, because individuation as a mode of physical separation is a priori to social grouping, as a aposteriori manifestation, just as psychologically secondary processes follow primary patterns of living self consciessness.

In fact the primary mode of signaling is basically a reintegration if spatial content in functionally reintegrative processes.

Backwards, history is short cut, and it is through simplified planes of various fields, that memory is constructed.

The simple reconstruction must at times of great stress, such as an ecstatic union or disassociation causes, cuts , and shortcuts the significant levels of energy possibly in a loop-backed system, creating huge systems akin to magnetic transformers, where transforming potential energy is built up and creates new forms if ever-changing memory systems.

These pointillistic structures vibrate at varying differential systems, tuning in and out within ranges that are generally preset, automatically.

Egos and induviduated complex consciousness operate the same way, and the range of their vibration, determines the level at which they opt or decline a sustainable source.

In this schema, there is no fear, for instance of ego loss, since the ego exists only as a potential energy source within a transformative system.
The superimposition of math,and physics, biology and chemistry, with functional derivitives such as vibration(musical harmony the formal derivitive of input-output reintegration)
exemplifying the de-differentiation between vibration and levels of energy.

For this reason, there is no measurable difference between the pattern changing ego effects between human birth and death, on an absolutely non permeable bionimal progression of memory, since the a priori manifestation of such memory can be we be causutively demonstrated.

This scenario has progressed since the 1600-1700 hundreds at increasing rate of change, and the static nominal world has been existentially been bracketed, phenomenally in an abrupt indication of a reductive natural causitive process, obfuscating the naturalistic fallacy.

That this proof for immortality is if not yet totally evident, it is because the primal a priori memory has not been differentiated species from sub species.

The necessity for an evolution of consciousness is prerequisite to a natural gross apprehension of Being.
Apprehension is a priori to signification, and it is the very mode of extatic existence itself.

Therefore eternal reoccuramce at least as the mode of apprehension is necessary to eternal signification.

Constant signifiers are implicit in such symbols as the mandala, jing jang, and
where they serve as de-differenting devices born out of religious motives.

These motives are primarily of lower level emotional sources, and such psychic determinants institutionalized into the mainline Vedic coungruances of evolving later religious forms.

Not really in the sense of later, as in before or after, but successively constructed as signifiers are transformed from accumulated phenomenal patterns.

Re: Absolute proof of reincarmatio/eternal return

PostPosted: Mon Aug 12, 2019 11:02 pm
by Meno_
the idea of the interritoriality and the exterritoriality of conscious awareness may shed a light in what goes on given an infinite range and duration of the universe, which in turn supports the teleological support for an ontologically shifted certainty, favorinf eternalk life.

set theory from leibnitz through cantor hold promise for this view, given the tossup between absolute containmwent versus in creasing uncertainty through separation.

if the former is more likely, then the containment of a;ll; information has always been a set feature conscious uncertain partial awareness , and manifestation.

That partiality gave rise to what the ego illusion represents: in it's uncertain projections. science has developed through increasin inference, parallelingh the evolutionary splitting of the uncertain from the presumed, and reintegerating each new cycle of facts attaine from such hypothesis. It ios moving away from the certain, self con tained absolute idea, toward it's broken up and cut away parts. kerouac suggested that life becomes a film of broken up stills, and art generally describes this as well. modern art imitates modern liofe, or does science keep up with the fragmented forms of representation which inspired ideas suggested to them much earlier in it.s trajectory. is life an imitation of art?

why would desire, which is foundemental in the art of representing the phenomenon of life, wish to break up an umderlying Absolute? was it a a process pre-drawn by Natural design, negating the fallacy inherent in Naturalism?

it can be argued that the Fall began this process, by seeking conscious awareness and knowledge through the naturally causitive form of information gathering, vis. there be no other method byh which it can be attained, other then adherence to absolute and exclusive containment. but then things get messed up, because implicit in this view, it is the absolute that has been designed to split it's self so as to umderstand it's self.

this goes well with the idea of the need of the convential ego to split into it's smalles elements, so as to understand the whole by a constant reintegeration and separation of self from self.

this is why, the consciousness with which we are endowed with, need to understand this process to view ones' self of the idea that our individuality is really an illusion of the brain to filter out only significantly general bounderies.

at the same time, such myraid of egos need to be again re-contained, within the absolute, to enable a return into types of various levels, otherwise such memory production would be impossioble.

these types are virtually changeless and recoverable within a total sum, that really is generated by conventional egos, and one incarnation can not erase a previous one, except through an effort to gain totally enlightened states, where only formal elements without specific content need to be kept for recall.

Re: Absolute proof of reincarnation/eternal return

PostPosted: Sat Mar 28, 2020 7:11 pm
by Meno_
The absolute as a possibility nears certainty in a relative field of a Hilbert - Von Neumann topology - as simulation of structural recurrence.

Types are generated within parameters of existential sets of boundaries.

That structural indeterminacy varies within relative 'conscious' determinants- by eliminating the need.of 'subconscious' series of indetermined sets,
Which would appear to nihilize an objective difference between states of consciousness.

Therefore , the difference between life, as a ground for 'conscious' >awareness and death as an absolute form of 'unconscious < unawareness', is dissolved within 'It'self'.

The absolute set is the structural equivalent of the set which belongs to all sets, included even within it's own boundaries.

Re: Absolute proof of reincarmatio/eternal return

PostPosted: Sun Mar 29, 2020 12:14 am
by Meno_
The Latin maxim ignoramus et ignorabimus, meaning "we do not know and will not know", represents the idea that scientific knowledge is limited. It was publicized, in this sense, by Emil du Bois-Reymond, a German physiologist, in his publication Über die Grenzen des Naturerkennens ("On the limits of our understanding of nature") of 1872.


In The Tacit Dimension, Michael Polanyi declares, “I shall reconsider human knowledge by starting from the fact that we can know more than we can tell.” (1966, p. 4; italics in original). I am struck by the directness with which he unobtrusively asserts the existence of the arena which Sinclair’s paper addresses and expands upon, with respect to a mathematics education opened far wider than is customary. The fact that Polanyi opts for the word ‘fact’ also puts his claim into the realm of knowledge, though Caleb Gattegno’s expression ‘a fact of my awareness’ might also be one to bear in mind. These oxymoronic or catachretic ripples—although the instance in the title of Polanyi’s (1958) more famous book Personal Knowledge may have provoked a tsunami—can make us aware even today of what is often taken-for-granted with regard to the epistemic.

{ The above are partially differentiated Fourier series, within which connections can be realized , within marginalized factual series.}

Re: Absolute proof of reincarmatio/eternal return

PostPosted: Thu Apr 16, 2020 3:29 pm
by Meno_
Multiple personality, taxes and being, nothingness.

Lets try not to prioritize.( an outline yet)

For this be too complex , so simple yet so far fetched.


Acting. Do people act out of fear?
Do the after a while believe in their acting, their acquired roles in a stage where everyone is on a stage?

Do most roles consist of an impetus arising out of fear? Fear of what?

Fear of what Sartre characterized as being and nothingness.

What is that being and what is that nothingness consist of? Another contraption, or something deeper, more representative of the will, something more primordial?

(Outline continuum)

Can't go deeper for fear of : What?

Re: Absolute proof of reincarmatio/eternal return

PostPosted: Thu Apr 16, 2020 8:40 pm
by Meno_
Are we acting out of fear? Fear of what? Fear of non existence. But is existence a prerequisite conscious manifestation of a series of roles?
of roles , reanacted in a series of determinate objectively planned types of performances?

Out of fear? Of what?

Of course an existential simethingness, other than......?.?

How do we become.... Everyman......out of same fear to avoid identification with a specific type, ( to suffer their own predestination?)

Or, something quite different, that is, their ABSOLUTE independence from their forebearers?

Their own clean slate.
The nothingness of their existential angst memorialized by the complete indifference to their situation?

Sartre's indifference allowed him to nihilism, any intuctive reasoning as to the difference between being OR nothingness. as befits either: existence, or, being, for that reason, he was able, to withdraw from either reductive stance from mobilizing both: difference , or, indifference.

Being and nothingness, different, or indifferent? That is the question asked by Nietzche , built upon Shakespeare.

But, will expand on this, in terms of multiple personality, by and by.

Fear of non existence.

Re: Absolute proof of reincarmatio/eternal return

PostPosted: Sat Apr 18, 2020 1:48 am
by Meno_
Minimalism has guided what we have named conscious manifestation and it paralleled the multiplicity that has been incurred historically.

For instance , the antehopho morphism of the Greek notion of multiple gods, paralleled the idea of a projection of the differing types of.gods corresponding to the sodfwronf typical affects that men felt, rather then actually see or understand them.
The classical forms of projective and introjective identification were established way back in the very early pre-Socratic days .

The other milestone of self identifiable crisis came later , with the myth of Narcissus, where the focus became less objective in a relational context between the self and the other. With Narcissus, self identification was literally based on optical awareness , with the mirror stage not yet defined. Reflection was merely an image linked recognition between the other's view of the self, the introjection was sourced from a linear confusion between the pre-supposed other's objective toward the self. The subjective conditionality of the self, could not attain a direct logical connection based on a comparative resemblance between object and image.

The objective, of this yet to rise logical connection has not started it's arduous route toward some kind of transcendence, that could probably overcome the difference in sequencing the growing inductive processes .

Multiplicity began with a total confusion of both, since the differences were sourced from the pre supposed reflection as.the other.

Since all reflections were thus aourced, the wiser relational context Could not form into a gestalt, and so, all reflections were multiples , with no internal unity toward any relation to the self , as unitary concepts.

The images of the self, played masked roles in aporehension, of a.mechanistic form of imterrelation, gods barely understood themselves , apart from basic affective feelings of jealousy , anger, and the use of power among them.

The godess, out of a jealous tantrum, punished Narcissus, for no other reason, and this form of early manifested regression is notable in persons , who are unable to connect to higher levels of symbolic unity, between the images and concepts among themselves.

This is why Buddhism tried to go beyond these early manifestations of mythical primitivism, and channel them onto higher conceptual resemblances.

The post modern family of resemblances. of Wittgenatein, appears to show the failure of conceptual redirecting from the optic-visual symbolism, thus, transforming the higher objective transcendental goals of philosophy into the naive realism of utalitarianism's practical philosophy.

The unitary identification of primary functions became the goal of a non transcendental Democratic venture, dismissing the synthetic idealism in favor of a multiplicity of functions , rather then the use of self directed progressive transcendental ideas.

Marx's transformation was based on the effect of realization of this non workable synthesis, and thus, his method was strictly a practical philosophic decompressipn.

The aesthetic of the Romantic philosophers have decompressed the aesthetic subjective into the quasi religious early moral-theological sub-terrain.

Re: Absolute proof of reincarmatio/eternal return

PostPosted: Sat Apr 18, 2020 1:57 am
by Meno_
Multiple personality is not an effect of this regression, just the other way .around.
Multiplicity of the ego is not the effect of the excercise excercise of the will to power, again it is a containment, into a devolution.

The Buddhist will to de-synthesize the ego, onto it's many form appearencds, is not effected by the fear to be one self, ore one's self, bit the opposite, to use the nominal logical nexus, to point to a higher level inter-subjective similarity, within and above the contextual and situational differemcds that may block such transformations - transformations which later on, much later, realize that only common sense can entail in men.

That is not to admit defeat, defeat of the onto logical certainty in the fabrication of raising the existential nihilistic posture that presents no exit from this seeming stalemate.

Re: Absolute proof of reincarmatio/eternal return

PostPosted: Sat Apr 18, 2020 2:11 am
by Meno_
In it's lower level nominal form, many different souls appear as unaccepting of the primordial unity, of.consciessness per se. as all imcluaovd and primordial noumina, which has to be an eternal manifestation of being that, without which nothing could manifest.

Since it becomes.appearent as reductive, it de-volves the unity into a multiplicity multiplicity of.phenomenal awareness, whereas it is a necessary object(ive) of.the very multitude of.apprehension.

This is why, the pre-eminence of inter subjective similitude, is always reduced.toward the lowest common denominator of understandng, and this is why there can never be an expiration of this process.

We as members of the human community never can die, because the conscious unity is always generated anew, sine qua non there is the nothingness that mere individual existence can never prove otherwise.

The immensely short duration of metamorphic changes that evolution appears always to gain, can never reverse, even the bounds of this onto logical necessity, because the signs are coded within lower tier genetic signatures.

If, we can understand the Buddhic nature, then it is inconceivable that we should hold to an otherwise world of multi-personal puppetry, where some puppet master could direct a state of being, where natural processes would simply dissolve into a phenomenal nothingness.

Re: Absolute proof of reincarmatio/eternal return

PostPosted: Sun May 17, 2020 4:21 pm
by Meno_
The differentiation which create personal identity are based on periodical oscillations from seen and unseen sources, the material world differentiates via those who have more 'material' from those who have less.

The accumulation of wealth distinguishes people to be 'seen' , perceived as more individual, noticeable, etc.
The indigent are hardly noticed.
The immaterial world consisting of very broad types, fall into the indistinguishable category, and the strife toward notice becomes an archytypical process.
The fear of unnoticed is tantamount to diminished indication of notice, and that is tantamount to a kind of death.

Now, the evolution of ideas parallels these processes, and so Freud can argue for the unhappiness caused by sexual repression, for instance. The psychology of the ego, based on identifiable cues, do have a deeper social significance.
We are what we are thought, not what we eat.

Eating deals with the concern we have over our material needs, not our sense of predicated attributions of ideas associated with wants. Our spiritual wants, ironically, and actually are far more important factors , thus the thirst for knowledge, in times of crisis, or a critical examination of our circumstances, is much more formative. - The formation a of these pre-determined, -(and maybe they are more of a comparative defensive act)-
Ideas, are again , far more consequential then the shorter term hassles that accompany the necessity of pro during our daily bread.

The culmination of these processes lead to the conclusion that it is more expedient to fight with the pen, then the hand. Survival, thus, evolves through a series of rationalization that the pen comes up with, and others are obliged to follow, since the power of the pen, of the mind becomes able to force a subservience upon those who lack real knowledge of them.

The multitude learns by repetitious, rote learning, and so are at a disadvantage.

This subservient general ego, is what Freud observed to be unhappy, and lets face it, sexual unhappiness is what's it all about-an overcoming of generational issues stemming on overcoming genetic inferiority.

In am attempt not to go far afield, lets get back to the more general thesis.

The evolution of social consciousness , has been periodically modified, revised, and at some critical moments, totally changed course. The material world can be said to have been upended, and reversely, albeit more often and with more persistence, reversely.

Generally the ideas which appear as defensive, are really formative. The precepts underlying current manifestations, are clothed as if they were transitory, thereby offering the suggestion of overwhelming social concurrence.

Yet, how far from the truth does the 'working class's , the prolayariate has to opine the likeness of the Russian bear , led around the ring with a metal ring and a chain around it's nose?

We are what we are, and not what we eat. Our food supply can vanish overnight, and yet we have to live on , on a minimal diet, near starvation, so as to perpetuate that formal evolutionary script, that has replaced the urge, by which we learned to determine the manifold available choices, to the justified ends that prescribes our bills of rights to our basic needs. In short, a prescription to the modus operandi of our lives.

What prescription is there in material accumulation for it's own sake, that has become an overwhelming theme of our existence? (As opposed to a conceptual levity in art for it's own sake? ).

The philosophy of language, prescribed and underwites this naive approach, sealing any chance of return, eternal or not, to it's forgotten subscription. This obsession with the material benediction of the immediate, nihilized any chance of return, thus apparently sealing the fate of the vast majority in regaining the basic wants , the lifeblood of thematic protection against the very inception of , and the formation of very basic tool of adaptation against foes, who may impede protective measures to survival against more powerfully built genetically superior foes.

Now to the chase. -what gets to be known, is, that has been learned exegenically, through a combined reified idea, with those in process, and as such, it should come to no one's surprise, if procedural changes do occur. In times of crisis, a suspension of belief leads some to consider that, opportunities to revise held opinions, be they of short, or longer duration.

The history of anti dialectical thinking, is it's self a material re-formation of the very primal essential ideology, which , if, deducted, or reduced to it's original preception , is tantamount to the very same bicameral mind in it's 'self', the very essence that has become subservient To Its Self.

At this level the exogenic (exterior) effects become autonomous with the indicated, inherent, pre-formative sources, hence producing phenomenal shrinkage or expansions, -the very phenomenal myths that either result progressive expansion of ideal a-priori types, or, the opposite, of delimitong delimiting associative inducements into the anti-ideal.

This clash ultimately produces the coming of an informative singular event, a singularity akin to cosmic effects, such as a star-collapse into black holes, so compact, as to induce tunnels of reality links.

These tunnels, are the very representative forms of the nice I-channelling of the brain, and the outer and inner sourced objectives can reverse course in an in put and out put manner.

Biofeedback between the outer shell and the inner core of reality firm a high wired nexus here, and it becomes quantum linked to an evolving paradigmn, whose evolution is simulated.

The occult connects the simulation with the paradigmn, and the singularwithin the bounds of relative faith, as identity is a production within approachable limits of comprehension, (as Cantor, Leibnitz , Nietzche, Jesus Buddha came very close to comprehend.)

Jesus was right, and closest in proclaiming that if this process can be learned, even if taken on face value, ONE can never die.

Re: Absolute proof of reincarmatio/eternal return

PostPosted: Fri May 29, 2020 6:09 pm
by Meno_
Is there a hypothetical which can shed light on recurrence, that backs up other aligned and related pre-suppositions bearing on more certainty?

Such hypothesis may range in the gamut from less to more certainty.
Even such a proposition risks an underlying variability, based on factors such as: faith, opinion, bias, thereby giving the hypothesis a pseudo scientific appearance.

However, inverse speculation is like a mirror image, therefore, if reversal can be arguably based to it's original suppositions that gave rise them.

In this light . with applying the theories of the relative nature that they can be held in/at bay, the contexts within them can vary.

Evolution may imply an inverse devolution.

More to the point, how can the advent of science play on the seemingly contrary notion of the general intelligence of the individual memory?

As the earliest forms of memory devices took informally very long times to develop, the more sophisticated reliance on specific applications has become shorter, and automatic.

The virtual realization of these processes is be coming obvious, as general construction of information technology have given way to more specificity, with more advanced relay systems between associated functions.

The dissolution, of real and artificial memory, tend to put such associations into automatic relay systems, where they resemble human unconscious states, very similar to dysfunctional states of disassociation.

The difference is, obvious: artificial memory never forgets as a human brain does, it can re-evoke and reconstruct the relay systems without any lapse , whereas .human intelligence can permanently disable the channels of connective neurons.

This is one overriding need for quantum computation, since to develop a sense of thought, a qualitative complexity has to be part of the program.

Even as these processes are only partially inclusive in various systems, by systemic multivarient functional equivalents need to calculate increasingly numerous bits of data, leading to increasing functional utilization of automatic systems.

Hence the syntaxes will be more functionally derive toward automatic thinking and shift considerations of general qualitative criteria into the lower recesses of the mind,

Therfore in terms of the left and right lobes, more quantitative functions of general concerns will be handled on presumed memory phases.

Eventually, very little of that will lend to recall, and presumptions will need to be ascertained as part and parcel of learning in general.

Re: Absolute proof of reincarmatio/eternal return

PostPosted: Wed Sep 16, 2020 4:05 pm
by Meno_
Atomists hypothesized the invisible particles which today has seem as a foreshadow of the quantum age of uncertainty.

Nowedays one need not be an Einstein to feel the secure world of the golden age.

The early thinkers were materialists, could not presume to think about a unified field theory, still only in another future's possibility.

The ego, broken down into psychic elements, created a. Vision of the personality that reduced the abstraction of the self analogously into various forms of deified forms.of various structural patterns, fueled by neural energy sources which interact magnetically, supposedly inter as well as intra imagery, as well as dynamic/ magnetic interphase.

This ideas' presupposition suggest a real continuum of both, the image and the development of selfhood .

The question of the will to survive becomes the focal point to the idea of the continuation through personal identity as reincarnated bounderies as sustained by existential sustenance of recognized forms of identity.

The question of determination and will enter this picture through increasing insubstiation of recognized patterns.

The effects of karmic law may fill in that question.

There is/should be correspondence between dispersion/dissociation and fear of life/death.

Underlying of primary repression is the fear of ego emtiness, in this sense Buddhism is a cover for intentional dissociation two fold: against fear of the darkness and the urge toward enlightenement.