The origins of the imperative, "know thyself", are lost in the sands of time, but the age-old examination of human consciousness continues here.


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The differential between an inference and a reference may obfuscate one from another, either loading the inferential proposition into a referential one on basis of either\or type intended result.

There are several language games which may touch on this type of distinction, and the games can be played fairly simply, so as to deflect any notion of any type of collusion, or, overlap between them.

On the face of it, this type of presentation may obliterate any notion of changing rules, yet, from a strategic point of view, it may make little sense. Therefrom the posing of the game, mostly out of the motive of political biases.

The aims and the farthest goals again, bury the hatchet
of unconcluded and premature verdicts on the matter.

Insensibility may exhibit lack of mutually sustained previous acknowledgments to post scribe understood agreements..

The silent apologia for breaking the agreement ostensibly implies a difference between individual and public awareness of previous bi - lateral assent.

Usually, this can be an impounded as an effect ridden
escalation, based on programs of indulgent shortening of conscious participation, of the gap between the sign, the signal and the signaling.

The greater the gap, the more the signal appears to disappear. Ontological and psychological variables are inscribed in the gap, as it were merely a kind of utilitarian tool, to use it when it’s too apparent, transparent, and not, when it is successfully reduced, becoming opaque.

That this literally is an optical problem based on the illusion, that at a certain level, fair interchange may be discounted, correlating to the deference between a suggestive inference and a shortened deferred reference , may ave many useful applications, such as inscripting an enhanced strategic value within the context.

The effect of too narrow a gap, produces an appearance of more and more hypothetical
proposiitions of hidden value , shifting that value and transform it inversely from one to the other.

Fairness then is repositioned upon the consequently waning value of either the inference, since the anomalous repositioning devalues the inference into the referential mode.

In my opinion, the approach of a maximal inferential possibility, resulting from the almost hypothetical necessity to bridge the gap, can result in an unhappy leap into non rational\psychic formation , using underlying tools, of pre-reflexive, and non-conscious effectors.

That this is a defensive process, to shelter the ego, in my mind, there is no doubt. Such defense which the psyche needs to understand, before using it, not only e benifits clarity, but for the lessens f tension underlying such a process.

To sum up, in other words, It is imperative to understand the base of psychic phenomena, especially when it is a substantial tool deliberately used to promote the interchange, rather then give the impression that such manifestation may simply be an effort to gain something else:

Such as, creating a focus which needs to feed on the difference. Finally, inference may produce psychic phenomenon, when the pre-subjective fuels a non-rational or literal possibility to choose, other then the most basic choice, the one where only one possibility remains: vis, to go on or, to desist further.

The underground is a difficult place to differentiate between what is annotated and what is denoted, causing most, if not all communication to be cut.

Dostoevsky literally held us in an existential suspension, and may be that which overrides attempts to either narrow, or extend the gap.

Please comment if possible. Lack of a response does mean something, but not necessarily what is meant by responder. (Since reference will actively seek a foundation in terms of identifying, what features reduced the ontology from previously hidden variables, changing the causative model to transform into a binary code, which underlies any complex proposition.)
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