conscious apprehension and apprehening consciousness

The origins of the imperative, "know thyself", are lost in the sands of time, but the age-old examination of human consciousness continues here.

conscious apprehension and apprehening consciousness

Postby Orbie » Thu May 29, 2014 3:53 pm

Consciousness consists of identification of perceived hierarchical elements , recognition of the elements within the scheme, and the content of those series of recognized shemes within a relevant content of meaningful signification.

The proposal i am making is, that although such processes go on in all sorts of living beings, including animals, both lower and higher order, it is the content of signification which 'thought' organizes into meaningful patterns. The patterns themselves, as meeting structural and organizational criteria, are purely the productive creation of the brain.

However, what of the meta-landscape upon which such significations are pegged unto? This process pre-supposes a capacity and a latency to enclose upon it this reflexive quality. It is both a tendency toward and analogy with the basic evolutionary, progressive processes in which all living things seem to engage in. It is toward higher aims that evolution seeks to reach, in an appearent goal oriented-adaptive process. The plant, through photosynthesis seeks out sources of light and heat, similarly to man wishing to climb out of the constricting darkness of the cave, into the sunlight of similar understanding through knowledge.

Goal setting may presuppose on some level, a state, whereby some state is sought after, which is intuitively known to have some basis or actuality, an actuality grounded in it's self as a formal existential possibility. The potential for it's signification is grounded within it's own possibility.

Therefore, the potential for self signification and designation implies an intrinsic capacity. This is like a reflexive field, a matrix of potentiality, having absolute attributes of pre existing possibility. Consciousness is, like some grid, toward which evolutionary processes relentlessly propel organisms toward, in higher and higher associative bundles of schematic relevance, appear to have this built in capacity. It is this grid, which can be spoken of as 'eternal' ; which like a beacon or an internal compass constantly forming and reforming the course, the object of which and the reason for our life appears predicated upon.It's content seems non specific, it's the idea within the formal arrangement we are called upon to testify to.It is the light of our reason.

Would anyone like to comment, whether such a loose analogy may be warranted, and if so, may god be seen in a new light, as the guarantor of faith for such a goal?
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