Ask about time travel?....WE TIME TRAVEL DAILY!....we speak

The origins of the imperative, "know thyself", are lost in the sands of time, but the age-old examination of human consciousness continues here.

Ask about time travel?....WE TIME TRAVEL DAILY!....we speak

Postby GETTHATPEREZ » Mon May 12, 2014 9:04 am

Everything is time travel. Everything is its own universe. Did you ever sit back an wonder, "wow I just made great time to work". That phrase in it self is time travel in the sense that you have control of how long some thing can take you....YOU ARE IN CONTROL OF TIME! You must understand that time is what your mind tells you time is. When you have no watch and no clock.....does time really exist? Time takes on so many different meanings when it is applied to different situations. For example some may say going to college for four years will happen in a blink of an eye......while put in a different context some may say that going to prison for four years would be unbearable and an eternity.....How could time have such different meaning when applied to different situations? Another great example would be how we speak of a lifetime an how you have this entire long life to accomplish goals an mile stones...When put into perspective with changes in the universe our life spans are nothing more then mere milliseconds. The point I get at is that time is what we make time. We can not travel back in time because everything in existence only runs one way, that being forward. Now onto my second topic.....We all be in the grand big universe filled with stars, planets, asteroid, moons, and so on. Did you ever stop to think that every aspect of our life is a different universe. Today as I drove home from my mother in laws house on the expressway I thought to myself, "am I saving enough for retirement....". These are my "universal worries" other parts of the world there are people living in there "universial" worries of having enough to eat or how there country is in civil war an blood color the streets. Every bodies universe is different....lets take it down to a smaller level......a disease such as cancer begins in your body and ends up taking over it to the point where the body can think of the body as a plant or universe being run over by a spieces in its own interest to the point where the body or the universe is driven to the point of extisoion......we control time an all millions of universe that exist in our everyday your eyes an see what true reality is, an not what others tell you it is. visit my blog if you enjoy the reading and my thoughts.
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