Tea & fascinating

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Tea & fascinating

Postby Meno_ » Fri Oct 02, 2020 1:24 am

tea oh tea
a part served with tea fascinating river, as the dome
shines far above the little Zen hug
On desolation peak,shining grass, the tea a party a tea party
reel forward the dome shining dome on snowy peak.

Tea pot
dome another, then gate , communities gated,
tea pot ,

contrast paid with tea, and. Nicaragua and columbia, Havana brothels and jails opened, landing in Miami beach,
smoking away what's left if the best minds of our generation,

Who remembers long ago sports car, paid with blood diamonds and mary juana, many a summer dies the swan,

who would not like to relive the Mexico city
dreams, where little slicked half boys ate lunch,
naked, could have been your grandson,?

Old bull summer of 1982 up in hazeen colorado, walking through the lawn .

delorian fantasies for every car salesman and Corso's gasoline,

fuming for asking silly question about the brain tissue akin to seminal fluid.

Ezra Pound described it and the old bull denied reading him, that sweltering Denver summer soaking in a tub full of verses,

my own little Idaho denver, before that 25 years ago , on the road sent chills down on spines STI hopping to Peggy loo as she barreled down old highway of lost souls.
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