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Lugia was very serious, reflective, contemplating life's eternal mysteries. He was introspective, enflamed by inner fragrance and beaming council. He was rattling with psychic auroras, being divined by the inner white secrets. He was extremely innocent, yet wise, encompassing the most splendid qualities of valor, imagination, polarities, and extremities, but loved life more than anything, for all of its kaleidoscopes of talismans, transformations, trinkets, and plunder.

Lugia's Birthday Wish Extremities at each Rainbow Bowtie's End as Flora of Ore pointed at Polaris

I was the Ubermensch, deep, profound, thoughtful, and contemplative. I understood ancient mysteries, hieroglyphics of mystical proportions, mania, and exaltation above the flame of divinity. Channeling exotic psychic energies Primed My Soul for luminous revelation, soulfully touching the Bunny Aether, and zooming those exploding lights into gargantuan proportions.
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