Objectively Subjective Objective Gibberish!

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Objectively Subjective Objective Gibberish!

Postby wuliheron » Sun Jun 03, 2018 10:43 pm

Objectively Subjective Objective Gibberish

When everybody is talking no one is listening,
Hence objectivity itself instantly becoming,
Objectively subjective objective gibberish,
If many start arguing they're objective!
Just meaningless subjective gibberish,
Just so many, gratuitous adjectives;
Gibbering of monkeys on our backs,
Just another, really bad imitation!
When none can really be objective,
When many, are just on autopilot!
When nobody is actually listening!
When, all may as well be chickens!
When, they could as well be cattle!
When none can know the meaning!
When they might become machines!
When no one is actually even home!
When none can even become aware!
When someone, yet remains clueless!
When nobody can even be conscious,
Without first, embracing their heart,
Without embracing our spark inside!
Without first, embracing themselves!
Without first embracing their words!
Without embracing our greater truth!
Without embracing, our own wonder!
Without embracing all beating hearts;
Without first embracing their miracle!
Without embracing our own curiosity,
Without embracing, our silent victory!
Without embracing their loudest voice!
Without embracing the greater context,
Without first embracing their humility!
Without embracing their own harmony!
Without first embracing our own truth!
Without embracing, silent explanations,
Without embracing more silent victories,
Without dancing, their poetry in motion,
Without embracing, owning any bullshit,
Without embracing the silence of stillness,
Without embracing their own triumphant truth,
Without embracing the paradox of their existence.
The void of our own ignorance,
Still speaking again, objectively,
Echoing and amplifying our egos,
A way, around the issue,
Is illustrated by the story,
Beloved by myriad children,
Of the Emperor's New Clothes.
It was the smallest and most naive among them,
Who unintentionally broke the spell by laughing!
Because laughter is infectious,
And, fighting your own nature,
Rejecting who and what you are,
Rejecting how it is you really feel,
Rejecting our personal inner truth,
Is totally self-defeating, in the end.
Not to mention, might effect others;
Fighting yourself is never an option!
Fighting nature is not recommended,
Since you would be fighting yourself,
Since you'd end up fighting the truth.
Never recommended by any academic!
Not recommended, by modern science!
Nor by the more, traditional religions!
Nor recommended by most politicians;
Con artists, advocate lying to yourself,
Despite sometimes debating semantics,
Few propose war, on their own nature.
Many still claim logic to be based upon,
What's been labeled the law of identity,
An ancient joke older than Stone Hinge,
A joke which Socrates, first popularized:
The only thing I know is I know nothing!
Essentially it laughingly implies,
When you can no longer identify,
That you have identified nothing,
Uncertain of what's accomplished,
You possess some personal bullshit!
Something we all have to deal with!
Requiring us all, yet again to relearn,
How to laugh without being mocking,
How to laugh at our personal laughter,
How to laugh at ourselves rather gently,
How to laugh, without fear of letting go,
How to laugh gently at almost everything.
How to yet laugh innocently, at each other;
How to jump for the sheer joy in being alive!
How to bounce that much higher on our butt,
How to smile at their foolishness, and mean it!
How to laugh once again, at the sun and moon!
With the gentle sparkling laughter, of a toddler!
Genuine humor being objectively more subjective,
Genuine humor being subjectively nonjudgmental,
Merely by embracing ourselves, and our humanity,
Might any actually embrace, subjective objectivity,
Learning how we can distinguish between the two!
Eschewing sarcasm and mockery,
Eschewing even any metaphysics,
And almost, any personal attacks,
Anger against anyone or anything,
Anger, merely for the sake of anger.
Anger just because it is what we do,
Anger if it beats, all the alternatives,
Against everyone including ourselves!
Arguing just for the sake of argument!
Arguing simply for something to argue!
Arguing, arguing could be a way of life!
Arguing over who's always just arguing!
Arguing if we hate the thought of losing!
Arguing if we hate anybody else winning!
As echoes can amplify any egotistical crap!
And voids like ignorance, are all amplifiers,
And voids like the excluded middle, as well!
Amplifying the personal crap, back at us all,
Amplifying and distorting, selective bullshit!
Anything for egos to gain anyone's attention,
And turn the molehills, into giant mountains!
A consequence of mama's yin-yang peek-a-boo,
Around hiding her and papa's One great secret,
As it empowers our freedom in the rock of ages.
As awareness, may then be defined as anything,
And anything, must then become indeterminate,
And implies the mysterious paradox of existence,
As harmonious awareness, we all know nothing!
As mama knows, which buttons to keep pushing,
As balance will be restored when harmony is lost!
As mama, enables us to fool ourselves all the time,
As the more distracted, the less aware any become;
A way for our context, to control our own content,
A context of awareness, within our own ignorance!
Aesthetically speaking, her objective sense of humor!
Takes quite awhile, for almost anyone to get used to!
Mama's love is irresistible, yet she has wicked humor!
For nobody may really fight their own mother nature!
Any yin-yang dynamics, effecting and affecting us all,
And the trick is for us to figure out her sense of humor,
As humor provides, the most neutral emotional context,
And her gentle nonjudgmental laughter, reinforces itself,
Wittgenstein, spoke for wannabe comedians proclaiming,
Whereof one cannot speak thereof one must remain silent!
But a polite way of saying some jokes should never be told,
Others should never be repeated for any reasons whatsoever!
Knowing objectively objectivity can merely be obtained within,
By subjectively embracing, our own objective subjective gibberish!
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