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Premise for Dystopian Novel:

One by one, the old world countries and nations called in their debts from the American Empire, U.S.A. Nobody thought it would reach $100,000,000,000,000.00. But it did. China called it in first. Then Germany. Then Japan. The stock market crashed immediately, the following morning. Overnight, the u.s. dollar became worthless. The world banks were a step ahead, already trading away their dollars for foreign currencies, precious metals, and tech investments. U.s. bonds also became worthless, meaningless. War was imminent, but economic analysts already knew war would not be enough. The u.s. military would be sectioned and sold, to serve foreign nations. The rest of the world would start a bidding feud to claim the superior nuclear techs and missiles, to be share throughout the world.

The "free market" collapsed. The slave pens and slave auctions started up. The Southern State merely dusted off their old ones, and put them back to use. Not coincidentally, the demand for iron chains rose exponentially, and factories had to manufacture them to keep up the sales pace. Families were selling their children left and right. China was buying, had the highest world demand for western children, especially white daughters, which were a prized commodity around the world. A pretty white daughter could easily fetch $1,000,000.00 Do the math, only 100,000,000 white daughters to sell, to balance the debt out. Again, unfortunately, there were not too many white daughters left, after the miscegenation and race-mixing of the 21st Century. White families, purebred, were becoming quite rare.

The Empire broke, fractured, and split apart over a decade and longer. A new Dark Age loomed. The history of the "Free World" was a blip in world history, just a dream, the American Dream faded into the bleak future and dark times ahead.
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