Something diffi could rent

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Something diffi could rent

Postby Meno_ » Wed May 31, 2017 8:56 pm

The stress of life
The last stretch
Survival after no
After survival preceded a very long stretch starting to realize
Animal were
You were an animal tail long in bushes being hunted
Or swine waiting for the butcher
Longingly admiring the sexy people, the very sexy people

Now look at you stuck in grind like mantra not to wait for long,
For too long it may happen sooner then later

See in the end times reminisce as two guys sitting around about the marine corps then, the proud the few.

In the end times keep on talking, you were always in the middle, the ones bragging about the corps,

Now they be not proud your friends some burrowed in graves far removed.

From your reality dear while ,you alone, this one older guy ex marine says feel tired might as well go home and go to bed with my cats, I know I should buy somethimg
Sitting on a couch it is goodwill, and they get up mad leave.
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