Diminishing returns automatic

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Diminishing returns automatic

Postby Meno_ » Tue Mar 28, 2017 4:11 pm

The synthesis between two opposing factions based on ideas have subsumed under the sublimative change, where change results from appearances, abstracted from mirroring the ideas, through an optics of voulnerability.

These are abstractions in the pure sense, not abstracted from the actual reflected objects.

As such, the ideas formerly brought these images to the fore, a reality brought about by bracketing the
perspectives into a compression of appearent

Such an association was rightly predicted by Marx to
fail,since the returns diminished, in terms of
qualitative erosion of value.

New World Order open markets and say to those of
lesser soul, here, see how former colonies, which
heretofore were happy in being enslaved, now, revel in their freedom to purchase for themselves a new life, and create of themselves a new identity.

This comparison, should tell you something, when thus said creates the illusion that time will not rob
those new values much more quickly, using quantum
power to achieve those goals.

The dissatisfaction with the static reassuring picture
crumbles, and with that, the returns, the quality of
appreciating changeless forms serving those who have relied on them for time immemorial.

This is the reason for the crux of the world war of intercultural final conflict. Those in charge must see this and enable time to stretch out, and prevent the
world soul of man to take the shape of the produced
ennui of nihilism.

But wait, we are meant to be controlled by
technocrats, who will make sure no one steps out of
line of their quantified dilemma, for that is at the bottom of it: the fear of an unmanageable qualitative deconstruction into quantifiable means of verification
and adaptation. This is the final countdown , and this
identifies those fir whom their personhood has been squeezed , returned diminished alongside the interest on capitol, which has come to parallel the interests of
the market place trading dreams for the utility of
applications, the applied science of disenfranchisement.

For thus will society become a behemoth of misinformation, so that the trade will absolutely take root, the weeds of terror strangling even the flowers
of evil.

If, it doesent work, the mirror will crack, and will, as has of the one who dared to look beneath.

The chaos, like Medusa should not be seen, as much as who, by casting a glance toward the fading visage
of sodom, warned, but unheeded as did those of the
great expulsion from the garden, to stone turned.

When the mirror breaks, then it will be not
remembered, that the beginning signaled the word ,
and it was good.

They could not connect the end with a beginning, the
old with the new, seen for what it is, the natural flaw of the marble tombstone.

happens so fast. But travel back, and change by re-routing, if this becomes possible before it starts to crumble.

Then signs abound everywhere, and then to act, fearless.
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