The Only Exit Off Stage.

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The Only Exit Off Stage.

Postby Mictlantecuhtli » Fri Nov 04, 2016 10:00 am

This world is a constant trip of madness and a waking ongoing never-ending nightmare. Close and open your eyes you do not wake like that of a dream, close and open your eyes you find yourself still here, fall asleep and wake up you're still here, and fall back to sleep waking up unto the ongoing living nightmare. There is no way to wake from this living nightmarish dream and unlike other dreams it does not end for the only ending or exit is that of death itself.  Through death that final frontier is the only exit off this ongoing existential three ring circus theatrical stage with its barred doors,  barred windows, and barred exits of this ongoing living atrocity.

Trapped, chained, and caged in a dream within a dream there is no escape but instead only living-captivity. Born into this world of an absurd nightmarish haze I find that my will is not my own and overtime I slip into the quick sand of time whose ultimate destination becomes obviously clear.


Civilization is a ship of fools headed to a one way destination of catastrophe and annihilation, its many captains populated by asshole-idiots that all agree it is unsinkable.

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Re: The Only Exit Off Stage.

Postby Ultimate Philosophy 1001 » Fri Nov 04, 2016 3:26 pm

Fact is Joker I was gonna make a post like this but I didn't have the guts and balls to say it. But after you clearing the way, breaking the bubble in the pudding's outer layer so to speak, I shall say it. "When two or more gather in My name, it is Holy."

Fact is I was gonna make a post similar to this but I was afraid they'd put in me in the funny farm for it. But in the words of Mark Hamill, "I am not afraid."

death as feminization
Death is jumping into the bubble of feminization. Tears are feminine. Sleep is feminine, matter of fact the fact is estrogen is a sleep hormone.
But you can't just generate a being a human. It is a process. All the characters on TV had childhoods. That is what gives them character. You can't just push a button and become Kim Kardashian. You must go through childhood. And that is where Death comes in.
Death is like jumping off the diving board, when you can't take adulthood anymore and just want an out from this sick, sad world. Death is feminization. Because you are a child again, feminine and innocent, throwing off your old armor. You experience the joys of childhood all over again, innocent, pure and feminized. So it is a bit like jumping off a diving board, because water is feminizing (the baptism into purity, = femalization, becoming the female, rather than uniting with the female, = turning the cheek and making the sacrifice, in order to save men, please men and be fishers of men, twisting, warping one's mind and abandoning one's own sexuality in order to make the world happy, a walking apple charity).
But Joker, J-man, Uncle J, Lil' Miss J...Sorry to burst your bubble, when you die you will probably not escape from this Earth, you will probably spawn as a kid in the future, listening to garbage autotune music. You will be in the midst of modernity, an completely unhappy, so unhappy you will not even know to long for better days. In fact you will be a toxic kid that doesn't even know you are toxic. You could be born as a kid who thinks Nikki Minaj is better than Tchaikovsky. You could be a kid that doesn't like guns and wants to ban guns. That is living in the 3rd or 4th hell in my opinion.
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