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Elevate form over function to get at less easily articulable truths.

Trixi's Haikus

Postby Ultimate Philosophy 1001 » Sun Oct 30, 2016 5:46 am

the types and modes of consciousness
the unselfconscious wander through our schools, encapsulated by Nature.
easy prey for the demons, narcissists and self conscious,
the Enlightened recognize all modes.

Population plan and veganism.
5 percent of the population are vegetarians.
New world odor will kill 95 percent of the population.
Only vegetarians will survive.

the absurdity of philosophy
we want to write books of philisophy, to be famous
to remembered once we are dead, we eagerly await our death
but do not realize that we would not be able to witness our prize.

the power of the word and the question
to simply ask is to evolve. if you want to evolve, just ask.
When scratching an itch, do not simply accept the itch. Do not underestimate the magic of word.
While you itch, ask yourself why is an itch and itch, and suddenly you will gain the secret understanding

the cuckle
We the cuckle and sheep must vote for someone, anyone, to lead us.
But we do not know why.
It is a bit like eating moldy trash from the trash bin, we do it for no reason and do not know why,
we just do it just because.

the steinonator.
jill stein is the only way to save this nation (this obamanation).
barrack hussein obama ruled this nation for 8 years.
it is time for baraka to take charge.

baraka over the barracks.
mortal combat instead of gi joe.
stein over the biden (biding).
german engineering. green energy. we wil make america green again.

On bushes and clints.
Vote no on Hitlery Clinton.
Trump lost because he is a rapist (racist).
Stein our only hope to save ourselves from Hitlery Clit-on-us (U.S.).

Graffiti is the power of the mages (sages).
Sign says in the D.
"Killery lied, people died."
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