The Way of the World

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The Way of the World

Postby Ierrellus » Fri Dec 04, 2015 3:13 pm

It just so happened that all the shops
Were selling only lollipops
Because the earth got stale, you see;
And every mother's son is free.
Now snotty Ronnie for heaven sake
Crapped all over his birthday cake
And crazy Sue was making bread
From Uncle Teddy's moldy head;
And Bobby, loving bigger lies,
Had driven spikes into his eyes;
And Mary burned in private flame
To frizz her hair and burn her brain--

Upon this great eclipsing ash
Where good old boys are born to bash,
Where far away the moonbird calls
And sweetest songs sing aching balls,
Where blank eyed youths and bloodless hags
Were cutting farts and flying flags,
Where prophets moaned for profits lost
And peddled cult as pentecost--
And all the world sang frilly fluff;
And God looked down and said, "Enough!"
"We must love one another or die." W.H.Auden
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