The Empty and the Dead

Elevate form over function to get at less easily articulable truths.

The Empty and the Dead

Postby Aussenseite » Thu Nov 19, 2015 11:35 pm

Walls creak
A smell of dust
Creeps through the cracks
When the wind howls at its form
The dry air draws moisture from the lips
Of those too tired to remember to cough
Their bones rattling in their beds
Mummy outlines on dirty mattresses
Once the soul has stolen away
The ambulance men come
Hauling the husks
To bonfires
Shared by those
Unfortunate to be alive
Existing between the memories
Suffering the pain of surviving
In the wasteland of the dead
Those they lost in peace
Not afforded to them
Eyes that don't meet
In the shadows of a fire
That threatens to catch the world
And drown them all in the blaze
The dust bowl that leads
Into the Depression
“When the logician has resolved each demonstration into a host of elementary operations, all of them correct, he will not yet be in possession of the whole reality; that indefinable something that constitutes the unity of the demonstration will still escape him completely. What good is it to admire the masons work in the edifices erected by great architects, if we cannot understand the general plan of the master? Now pure logic cannot give us this view of the whole; it is to intuition we must look for it.”
~Henri Poincaré 'Science and Method'
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Re: The Empty and the Dead

Postby Ierrellus » Fri Nov 20, 2015 3:22 pm

Another fine poem. Powerful images. Keep it up.
"We must love one another or die." W.H.Auden
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