My Little Pony, The Official Movie - the script

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My Little Pony, The Official Movie - the script

Postby Ultimate Philosophy 1001 » Fri Oct 30, 2015 12:59 am

Narrated by Maud Pie

prison scene
Loud speaker "Pinkamena Diane Pie, prisoner 5776. "

Warden "Mine those rocks! You are gonna mine those rocks, boy. What do you think you're doing you llttle pink little kirby kramer lookin' faggot"?"

Pinky "Uh...I don't know, sir. Just minin the rocks"

Warden "You bet your sweet little candy butt you are, boy! And just for that it's rock soup again for supper!"

*whips pinky again*

Loud speaker "Pinkamena Diane Pie, prisoner 5776. Please step to the left."

Warden "Well today is your lucky day, boy. You're gettin outta here! Now scoot, you pink pile of candy queermo!"

scene 2 my little pony intro with large blocky 3d metal letters and epic music (letters fly in 3d from behind virtual camera, slowly coming to a rest, then accelerating upwards)

scene 3 Applejack in a trailer home on the edge of a forest

AJ "Aint nothin more honest than a 12 gauge buckshot. C'mon you little coon!"

*aims sight at camera, camera changes focus on the barrel*

Shows Kenan thompson in a racoon costume under a tree, and then looks to his left at the camera and runs to the left of the scene screaming at the top of his lungs!"

AJ "C'mon you little coon! Aint got no burgers and fries. All we gots here is big apple pies! " *shoots at him* "yeah skeddattle! aint no goAod burgers anyhow. we horses dont eat meat! now scoot, skedattle"! *goes to shoot and it jams* "darn thing jammed and that's the honest truth."

Grannysmith "Now you know I taught you to be better than that. That's racist! Callin a black man coon."

AJ 'Aww, I'm sorry. But he was in a racoon suit, and that's the honest truth! What else was I supposed to call him, a not black man in a not racoon suit?"

Bigmac "I'd like to see some of that Applejack coon tonight, my sweet little apple. I mean, if you are interested in gettin some big Mac'n cheese on, huh sister?"

Applejack "Brother I told you you are only allowed to say 3 words, Yup, Nope and Fuck me Harder. Let's get some twincest goin on. This apple's jack is ready." *shows a giant boner harden upward from her left in her capris*

*scene of bed tossing and urning thru yellow lit windows as camera zooms out of house in the night"

Grannysmitth "Thats the Apple family way."

scene4 flutershy

FS "Oh, the sweet little animals"


Angry Voice *GOdamnit that wasn supposed to happen! Cut! Cut!*

Shows them cut the scene and its at the movie studio chatter and drama

Background voices "Why...why you do that larry?? Back to the show!"

adagio scene

"I am jesus I am jesus i am jesus" *really superfamous backing music*

shows adagio on tables like in battle of the bands showing people her sandals* *flash frames of different pics of her feet in sandals

ends with a sexi guys voice of "i will wash and cleanse thy feet (all of the dazzlings are male glam rockers)

pinky scene

pinky smoking crack and becomes a clown pinky the clown

in group therapy

coach so what did you learn

pinky 'i learned the magic of heroine! all my friends were grey, but now we are HAPPY"

group "AMEN!!"

coach "THERE WILL BE ORDer in This GROUP!!"

pinky "Order?? Who wants an order of some bean burritos!!!??"

group cheers

pinky "see, there will be no order. Im an agent of cocaine!"

Douche school of douches

I am Rainbow Dask, the biggest douche of all.

No! I am griffondore, and I am the biggest douche of all!

No! No!

Lets see who can out dueshe the other....I bet I can drop more nukes than you can in 10 minutes flat!

*fast paced rock music as they split scene fly around thru the clouds dropping nukes pooping them out their buttholes* (fart sounds camera zooms in and shakes erratically while doing so)

*indiana jones type map showing them travel and then red glows appear to indicate which nukes*

*eventually the whole planet nukes and it explodes. they fly into space towards the camera, rd to cam left and then a riff plays "AMERICA!" with epic choir motif."

then they are choking and cofing in space and then the whole movie strip rewinds

epic music plays

twilight is sitting and meditating as see sees a fast motion view of random footage behind her

her eyes open, showing only white godeyes with no pupils

"we have to save the future"

movie gets serious and the plot is to stop rainbow dash from nuking the planet

to be continued

final scene

*rainbow dash n twilight in cs nuke*

haha I am the best, you cant stop me or some kind of vilian talk

"it was always me...dont you see? We have to nuke the world, because its cool!'

twilight "No, that is just america talk...its propoganda! dont you see? nuking people is not cool! wheres the girl i love?

rainbow dash..."I am NOT a girl!!!" hits the button (classic alert loop like in raptor when ur plane is going down)

slow mo

rainbows pupils dilate, echos in her mind "nuking people is not cool, nuking people is not cool, " fish eye lens

epic music

outside in mechs running

Loudspeakr "Yo have to stop the nuke!!"

Twilight choking rd, rd crying

Twilgiht "TEll me how we can stop it!"

RD "Its too late, we cant stop it. Im so sorry."

CIA scene with pentagon, men with suits.

This is a code 5 american crisis. We have to alert the pentagon. God be with us all."

More pic music, iek transformers music or somethng

epic finale and such

good movie

end credits has guitar music and glamour clips of the ponies flicking their air around with sparkling everywhere

some scene in the middle in a trailer home

aj "pinky are you goina ever tell me why u went to prison?"

pinky looking at teh camera lustfully "no"
they kiss and makeout in bed

aj "pinky, i appreciate a little honesty about things"
pulls down her pants

(implies pinky has a jack that touches her jack)
pinky grins "hows that for honesty?"
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