fear of flying

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fear of flying

Postby Orbie » Wed Jul 09, 2014 1:29 pm

it comes naturally , the takeoff, the landing,
as birds once, before they were imitated,
behind it, as life too,
takes off, lands

as the plane almost burned, it's engine,
and amidst the hurricane, could not rise above the storm
since then,
behind it too,
as life takes off.

every time it takes off a transition, don't get me wrong,
not erica jung type,,
but always, ready for the unexpected, a joy to behold, with gloomy terrors hidden,

understand the within, and then you will,
why sometime,
on the budget for beer, have to extend champagne beer, and fly,
with the fear of a canceled reservation.

soul travel if you believe in it, and worry about the rent on the rebound,
waste away again, shirk all responsibility,

school again come early september.
her doe eyes frantically,
with many lovely faces,

as if, it mattered, .....again.
please ya,
as if was nothing
with half and half.

re-past: the lonely traveler
[size=50][/size]Allone's Obe issance

In answer to your prayer
sincere, the centre of
your circle here,
i stand ; and , without
taking thought,-
i know nothing. But i can

Full well your need-as
you be men
This: Re-Creation. With a
Then, your obedient

servant now.
One gift is all i find in me,
And that is faithful
partly cloudy, with a few showers
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