My Christmas Eve present to existence...

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My Christmas Eve present to existence...

Postby Ecmandu » Thu Dec 24, 2020 6:12 pm

I’m going to explain this in the simplest possible way that I can to you:

You’ve been duped.

In an existence where there is any winner and loser...

Let me back up. Your conscience feeds upon your spirit.

There are many things that I have that you want and there are many things you have that I want.

Very simple.

Let me use the sex analogy to explain this:

It’s fun to see people who are beautiful inside and outside naked and to have sex with them, even if just once, and then to additionally be friends with them.

When I was much younger spiritually than I am now... I was very angry. The reason I was angry, (and I was sublimating this), was because somewhere in the back of my mind, all the lost sexual encounters that hurt me would be caused to others if I had them.

So I quit sex entirely. It was an epiphany that I realized that causing these hurt emotions in others when I ‘succeeded’ was no success at all. When people have the time of their lives, hearts are being shattered at exactly the same time.

It freed up my conscience in ways I had never imagined before... more peace of mind.

But even though I renounced from the high stakes game of sex, I’m still deeply troubled by a reality of winners and losers. I will always be deeply disturbed by this type of reality.

My gift you you is to exponentially raise your level of consciousness. For you to be honest with yourself and perceive this mantle of existence as disturbing and unacceptable.

I’m offering an existence plan to solve what otherwise will always be deeply disturbing.

The healing of a spirit is: no cognitive dissonance. This type of reality will always cause cognitive dissonance.

Happy holidays.
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