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Postby iambiguous » Sat Jan 02, 2021 7:53 pm

phoneutria wrote:here's what's up
biggie is just trying really hard to be a first tier ILPer
just wanna be one of the guys

Sure, if phoneutria wishes to reduce herself down to the level of Pedro here, well, she must have her reasons right?

Who knows, perhaps needling iambiguous is now a part of their mating courtship. Each of them is required to put on a "display" that will advance them further down the road to being a...couple.

But: given phoneutria's obvious intelligence and wit, and Pedro's glaring lack of both, Pedro must have other, uh, attributes that keeps him in the game.

Yo, Wendy!

Another poll please. One in which we offer our own opinions regarding what those attributes might be. Oh, and please make one of them "being young and beautiful". :wink:
He was like a man who wanted to change all; and could not; so burned with his impotence; and had only me, an infinitely small microcosm to convert or detest. John Fowles

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