Imperative Sacrifice

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Imperative Sacrifice

Postby Dan~ » Fri Nov 27, 2020 6:33 pm

Step one is to find that which is the best things to strive for.
The moral imperative.

Next step is to sacrifice our time, energy and strength,
in pursuit of the highest goals, reasons and ideas.

The best morals are not the default morals.
Default morals are in need of repair.

There is a kind of sacrifice every time something is given priority.

I may be wrong but i assumed part of Aristotlean philosophy
had a lot to do with measuring, comparing, and hierarchies.
Like trying to find what things are most valuable
and what things are least valuable.
What is most true?
What is least true?

This kind of thinking can be applied to anything.

I've tried to sacrifice TV for my values.
And a lot of other things too.
I'm in some kind of resting phase where I do less.
Once Corona is over ill be able to serve more guests.
That is high on my values list.

I'm sure this is quite basic and everyone knows it.
Still thought I'd post it anyway.

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