I mean really?: Socrates the absolute Bitch.

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Sokrates Was Pathetic

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Re: I mean really?: Socrates the absolute Bitch.

Postby Meno_ » Thu Jul 30, 2020 2:49 am

Fixed Cross wrote:
Meno_ wrote:Buddha may be more interesting than Jesus, true, because Jesus introduced Buddhism to western man in the dialectical language the could understand.

But the trace of understanding remains on the primordial unified with Buddha, without any requisite primordial intervening variables that the West could understand.

However, can the East rely a propositional reliance on no interve ing variables? As a consequence, can they really understand Buddha, in the sense that requires a transitional object?

Like a baby Buddha they generate, can they claim an objectless transcendence?

I am still not clear on Buddha entirely, in the sense of what he brought forth exactly; for example, do we group Zen entirely under Buddha? And how much Vedic thought passes for Buddhism?
What is Buddha except a centre of spiritual influences reaching a personification through a well written document? I am not clear. Maybe Gautama Siddhartha was indeed a sort of world-axis. It matters because it defines more or less how much and what precisely there is to be understood and what is to be vaguely attributed or, not.

Jesus is another case - it is perfectly clear that if he existed or not he was a vessel for different cultures having an apotheosis in each other - the Hebrews, the Egyptians, the Greeks and the Romans all produced their mystery religions to melt into each other and put forth this prophet of uncanny drama and overwhelming success as a personal lord and saviour. The Christ.... what a character right? Jesus. So much beyond normal daily meanings is he that it doesn't make sense to try to understand in a rational fashion; one can only come to understand what is meant in the parables through ones own personal apotheosis.

Buddha, one can more or less understand a part of through the divine blisses which he named, but these blisses are far more ancient than the Buddha himself. How old is the sound of one hand clapping?

Even if, this mixture could not identify either the source or some kind of hidden agenda, the thing is, that personally, I hazard , but only recently a shift from the personification, but the background and the foreground: in the apoethesis mentioned.

The. contrast elevates any persona to be sure, I the eye, (Eye) consequentially making that person mysterious.

The cultural eclipse of existential struggle determined this.

The socio-psycholo-econo-political determinate were overwhelming in the time of Jesus, and He was , sort of speAk the exemplary man for the job

He was the ultimate Job, the man weighed down not merely by the totAl loss of his family , but felt he owed the whole world"s existential suffering.

Later, much later, when Goethe and Schiller thought .
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Re: I mean really?: Socrates the absolute Bitch.

Postby Fixed Cross » Tue Aug 04, 2020 2:30 pm

I wouldn't really dare to guess what went through Jesus' mind - why he did what he did - I am religious and I believe in the Gods literal existence, therefore if Jesus existed and did what he did, I believe he was a great magician, i.e. someone who knows the gods, and his motivations would have to be understood as originating between him and the gods.

The socio-psycholo-econo-political determinate were overwhelming in the time of Jesus, and He was , sort of speAk the exemplary man for the job

This I entirely agree with. Even though I am still completely unsure if he ever did exist in truth.
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