Questions that arose while reflecting on The New Paradigm

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Questions that arose while reflecting on The New Paradigm

Postby thinkdr » Fri May 22, 2020 2:08 am

In your opinion does ethics (and/or the study of Ethics) have a chance these days?

In today's world we do observe people volunteering to help their neighbor in need. And young people, living through a period of suffering, will be more resilient later in life because they survived such tragedy as the deaths and torment we are witnessing. So there are some positives. Can you inform us of some others?

We do see lots of heroism as front-line workers take high risks to serve others who are sick or vulnerable to the corona virus. Volunteering rates are way up. What other signs of ethical practice do you notice?

In contrast, we see in the United States the most corrupt leaders (people in power) the country has ever seen. We see the systematic dismantling of government by woould-be dictators, grifters, con-men, kleptomaniacs, psychopathic opportunists, and other sorts of predators. This "What's in it for me ...and the heck with the rest of you" attitude, this selfishness is the exact opposite of Ethics

Although the last two times Trump voted, he voted by mail, he is trying hard to prevent others from voting by mail. He is even going to the length of bringing down the Postal Service to prevent voting from home, thus staying alive. He is predictably going to cry "Fraud !!!" if the results show he has lost, when the votes are counted in the next election for President; he will not gracefully step down: he wants to be President-for-life. He has expressed his admiration for "strong men", for dictators such as the cult-leader in North Korea, the head-man in Hungary, and in Turkey, and in the Philippine Islands.

What do you think? Is Ethics making progress, or is it sliding backward
Tell us how you feel.

{For further details refer to ... 1&t=195234 - and see the other posts by yours truly here at this Forum.}
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