A Guide to Ethical Decision-making

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Re: A Guide to Ethical Decision-making

Postby Ecmandu » Tue Nov 17, 2020 11:27 pm

thinkdr wrote:.

I do not believe that most people hold, as their reality, the notion that "If I win - in some way - then someone else has to lose." Nor do they hold the view that "Life is all about winning." Sure, we all would like to have some money ...but we don't have to suffer from greed: for greed is a personality disorder, much like hoarding. To always feel "I'll never have enough" is a sickness.

The ultimate goal of a systematic Ethics theory, as I have often taught, is to show the path to a Quality Life for one and all. In a sense, everyone will be 'a winner.'

For further details as to what comprises "a Quality Life" and for a definition of "well being," see the References below ...which spell it out. When more people are educated to the extent that they see clearly the central concepts of ethics and morality - as elucidated in the Unified Theory of Ethics - I see no reason why they will not build a life and a society in which we can all thrive and flourish :!:

Again, and I’m trying to be diplomatic with you (aside from liking you personally): it’s garbage.

You hit the problem right on the head of the nail:

Most people DON’T think that if they win, someone else loses. (Or they don’t care)

That’s the slumber of existence. Those are the walking dead.

The people who are awake understand that for everything they win here, someone loses.

You can’t handle that truth yet.

To be moral in a shitty world like this is to

A.) don’t do something breaking ones heart - by having it instead of them

B.) don’t break someone’s heart by not having it for yourself

I’ve told you many times now that I think you’re extremely naive. I hope you grow out of that phase.
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Re: A Guide to Ethical Decision-making

Postby thinkdr » Sat Nov 21, 2020 3:30 am

Let's get a few things clear:

1) I am naive. I confess that's true. I'm also fallible and often mistaken. This current post though gives reliable and accurate information.

2) Fear can be a strong motivator; both for those who do evil, and for those who do good. In the case of the latter, people may behave in what seems to be an ethical manner because they fear violating a law and thus being subject to the penalty that the statute may prescribe.

It would be better if they had the correct motive, namely, they behaved in accordance with what the the Unified Theory of Ethics [the new paradigm] explains: It teaches that we are to Intrinsically-value other individuals in order to be ethical. This is an academic way of saying: act out of love -- or at least respect (for a fellow member of of your species.
It would be better to recognize that we are all primates, and to help the evolution of human-kind along. We are evolving toward a world where eventually we all will conduct ourselves ethically, be motivated to avoid harming one another - because we want to be considerate of one another. And we want to reach the ultimate goal. That goal is a Quality Life for one and all.

3) Let's agree that those who do not care about being ethical, those who do not or cannot care, are the sleepwalkers. They are the 'walking dead.' Their conscience is asleep. It needs to be awakened. Those who do care, who are caring, will work toward that end ...to awaken, enlighten, educate. They will even mobilize and caampaign for it.

If you - someone who cares,one who is dedicated to honesty - encounter someone who is deceptive, one who deceives or lies, the way to handle it is to say to that person: "Let's respect each other - okay?" "Out of respect we will not tell each other falsehoods, nor will we attempt to deceive - agreed? Is it a deal? Okay?"
"Yes. Sure!"
"That's good. So from now on we'll be completely honest with each other."

You can put it into your own words, words suitable for the other to dig it. The point is to I-value the other person.

4) Love drives out fear. And that's a fact .
Try it. You'll see!!

Comments? Discussion?

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