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Postby waechter418 » Sat Nov 16, 2019 11:52 pm

Homo-Sapiens apparently loses confidence into his self-proclaimed wisdom and reason, at least it would explain his growing efforts to turn himself into a Homo-Artefact and to create a virtual habitat for the same.
Oddly, he structures it like his traditional possession and defence (paranoia) complexes, resembling old fortresses whose outer courts are dedicated to commerce and entertainment, while the inner are for the programming and the administration of this “virtual world”, whose nucleus is reserved for the militaries and the sciences that protect and hide the temples of the ruling class and its god mammon.
Structures like that have been around since millennia and originate from the hope to be able to realize oneself through isolation and fortification– whereby the latter is foremost to protect the possession complex and its spoils, both having grown quite formidable in the realm of Sapiens i.e. the Occidental culture.
And since, like any thief, or beast of pray, he is not going to abandon his booty, he has to find ways to transform it into digital/virtual treasures and to fend off the growing masses of his hungry “third world” victims (second world connotes probably the time/space his rip-off takes) which is going to be complicated, as he still needs them to help him plunder their last resources.
With dividing the planet Earth into a prodigal north, where paranoia and possession complexes are cultivated, and a deprived south whose cultural contributions are mega slums which breed crime and violence, Sapiens sets off a dynamic that will either culminate in the masses of the south overwhelming his northern domains – if so, certainly not in a civilised manner, but more probably like the apocalyptic visions of his science fiction prophets – or the north trying to wipe out the southern problem, which is not going to be pleasant either, considering his ABC weaponry and that his warfare becomes increasingly wicked, cowardly and devastating, not to forget the tendency to try to solve his problems with genocide and mass-murder. His regular me-culpa-attacks and wallowing in humanisms and self-pities are mere schizophrenia-typical seizures, and as such very short lived.
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Re: Homo-Artefact

Postby Kriswest » Wed Jan 08, 2020 10:53 am

Humanity is not one type as you describe. Divide it into pack/herd. One example: Of those humans that stay in an area where poverty and hunger reigns, there are those that risk life and limb to leave. Some prosper after , some do not. Then you have the humans that stay and climb to the top of the heap.
When we look at the human species we must remember that there are herds within the herd and then herds within the smaller herds.
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